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Shoreline Master Program (SMP) (44 publications 1986-2021)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Competitive Grants - 2021-23 Funding Guidelines 21-06-020August 2021
Lessons Learned from Local Governments Incorporating Sea Level Rise In Shoreline Master Programs 21-06-014July 2021
Shoreline Master Program Periodic Review Grants- 2021-23 Funding Guidelines 21-06-010May 2021
Washington State Coastal Zone Management Section 309 Assessment and Strategy-2021-2025 21-06-005February 2021
Shoreline Permitting Manual: Guidance for local governments 17-06-029November 2019
Shoreline Master Program Periodic Review Grants: 2019-21 Funding Guidelines 19-06-007July 2019
Final Programmatic EIS: Marine Spatial Plan for Washington’s Pacific Coast 17-06-028June 2018
Marine Spatial Plan for Washington’s Pacific Coast 17-06-027June 2018
Frequently Asked Questions: Shoreline Master Programs 09-06-029February 2018
Shoreline Master Programs Handbook 11-06-010December 2017
Washington Oblique Aerial Photography 17-06-026September 2017
Final Regulatory Analyses for SMA (Chapters 173-18,20,22,26, and 27 WAC) 17-06-023August 2017
Rule Implementation Plan 17-06-021July 2017
Grays Harbor Resilience Coalition: Project Report 17-06-018June 2017
Assessment of Coastal Erosion and Future Projections for North Cove, Pacific County 17-06-010June 2017
Quality Assurance Project Plan Puget Sound Watershed Characterization Development & Testing of Mid-Scale Models & Updates to Broad Scale Assessment Models 17-06-009May 2017
Draft Marine Spatial Plan 17-06-007April 2017
Shoreline Master Programs: commercial salmon net pens 15-06-006January 2017
Wahkiakum – Cathlamet SMP Update 16-06-019June 2016
Focus on Efficient & Flexible Environmental Statutes 15-06-024December 2015
Washington State Coastal Zone Management Section 309 Assessment and Strategy, 2016-2020 15-06-013August 2015
Wetlands Identification-Call Before you Fill Flyer (Central Region) 15-06-010March 2015
Wetlands Identification - Call Before you Fill Flyer (Eastern Region) 15-06-005March 2015
Screening Tools for Identifying Migrating Stream Channels in Western Washington: Geospatial Data Lay 15-06-003February 2015
The Channel Migration Toolbox: ArcGIS® Tools for Measuring Stream Channel Migration 14-06-032October 2014
Channel Migration Processes and Patterns in Western Washington: A Synthesis for Floodplain Management and Restoration 14-06-028August 2014
A Methodology for Delineating Planning-Level Channel Migration Zones 14-06-025August 2014
Puget Sound Feeder Bluffs: Coastal erosion as a sediment source and its implications for shoreline management 14-06-016April 2014
Soft Shoreline Stabilization: Shoreline Master Program Planning and Implementation Guidance 14-06-009March 2014
Citizen Guide: Shoreline Master Programs 12-06-003August 2012
Shoreline Master Programs: Making Sense of Tough Issues 10-06-012April 2011
Rule Adoption Notice - Shoreline Management Act Rules 11-06-005February 2011
Final Cost-Benefit and Least Burdensome Alternative Analyses, Chapter 173-18, 20, 22, 26, and 27 WAC Shoreline Management Act 11-06-003February 2011
Revised Small Business Economic Impact Statement - Chapter 173-18,20,22, 26 and 27 WAC Shoreline Management Act 11-06-002February 2011
Preliminary Cost-Benefit and Least Burdensome Alternative Analyses, Chapter 173-18, 20 22, and 27 WAC, Shoreline Management Act 10-06-020July 2010
Small Business Economic Impact Statement, Chapter 173-18, 20, 22, 26 and 27 WAC Shoreline Management Act 10-06-019July 2010
Focus on Shoreline Armoring: Healthy Shorelines Equal a Healthy Puget Sound 10-06-004February 2010
Frequently Asked Questions: Marine Shoreline Armoring and Puget Sound 10-06-003February 2010
Summary of Watershed Characterization and Analysis Project for Clark County 09-06-003January 2009
Focus on Shoreline Master Program Extension 07-01-007January 2007
Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement - Fish Culture in Floating Net-Pens 12-06-019January 1990
Work Plan and Cost Estimate for a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement for Salmon Net-Pen Culture in WA State 12-06-018January 1987
Recommended Interim Guidelines for the Management of Salmon Net-Pen Culture in Puget Sound 87-05December 1986
Aquaculture Siting Study 86-10October 1986