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30 Klickitat (51 publications 1972-2024)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Focus on: Watershed Health Monitoring 2024 24-03-007March 2024
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Monitoring of Tire Contaminants in Coho Salmon Watersheds 23-03-113November 2023
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in Freshwater Fish of Ten Lakes, 2023 23-03-116September 2023
Measuring Mercury Trends in Freshwater Fish in Washington State: 2017-2019 Sampling Results 23-03-014June 2023
Focus on: WRIA 30 Klickitat Watershed Water Availability 20-11-030September 2022
Focus on: Section 401 Water Quality Certifications 21-06-008April 2021
Focus on: Water of the United States 21-06-007March 2021
Planning for flood risks 21-06-004February 2021
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Little Klickitat River and Swale Creek Implementation Project 16-10-029August 2016
Mercury Trends in Freshwater Fish, 2013 Sampling Results 15-03-010March 2015
Focus on Environmental Monitoring: 2015 Stream Surveys in the Mid Columbia Region 15-03-005February 2015
2011 Swale Creek Subbasin Water Level Monitoring Summary, WRIA 30 12-03-337June 2011
2010 Report to the Legislature: Water Banking in Washington State 11-11-072June 2011
Addendum to 2007 Hydrologic Information Report, Water Availability Assessment for Swale Creek Subbasin 12-03-338June 2010
Little Klickitat Subbasin Water Level Monitoring Report, WRIA 30 12-03-336June 2010
An Assessment of the PCB and Dioxin Background in Washington Freshwater Fish, with Recommendations for Prioritizing 303(d) Listings 10-03-007January 2010
2009 Report to the Legislature: Watershed Plan Implementation Statutory Changes, Progress Report on Setting Instream Flows, and Reclaimed Water in Adopted Plans 09-11-033January 2010
Washington State Toxics Monitoring Program: Freshwater Fish Tissue Component, 2008 09-03-055November 2009
Focus on 2009 Columbia River Grants 09-12-010August 2009
2008 Report to the Legislature - Progress on Watershed Planning and Setting Instream Flows 08-06-027December 2008
Finding Water Supplies for the Columbia Basin 08-11-031July 2008
Clarks Creek Watershed Fecal Coliform TMDL 07-10-110May 2008
The New Klickitat Wastewater Treatment Plant 07-10-064August 2007
Hydrologic InformationReport Supporting Water Availability Assessment, Swale Creek and Little Klickitat Subbasins 12-03-296June 2007
RAMCO Disposal Site-Port of Klickitat Industrial Park 06-09-020October 2006
Progress on Watershed Planning and Setting Instream Flows 05-11-038December 2005
Little Klickitat River Watershed Temperature TMDL: Detailed Implementation Plan 04-10-075March 2005
Appendix D Phase II Watershed Assessment, Nitrate Concentration and Distribution Study 12-03-295February 2004
Focus on Little Klickitat River 03-10-075September 2003
Little Klickitat River Watershed Temperature Total Maximum Daily Load 02-03-031August 2002
Flow Summary at Three Seasonal Gaging Stations on the Little Klickitat River 01-03-006March 2001
River and Stream Ambient Monitoring Report for Wateryear 1995 96-355December 1996
Aquatic Plants Technical Assistance Program 1995 Activity Report 96-332July 1996
River and Stream Ambient Monitoring Report for Wateryear 1994 95-349September 1995
Instream Biological Assessment Monitoring Protocols: Benthic Macroinvertebrates 94-113June 1994
Horseheaven/Klickitat Water Quality Management Area. 93-e08October 1993
Timber/Fish/Wildlife Ecoregion Bioassessment Pilot Project 92-63January 1992
Little Klickitat River Basin Fish Habitat Analysis Using the Instream Flow Incremental Methodology 90-030August 1990
Irrigation Water Use Efficiency Demonstration Project. Phase 1 State-wide Evaluation of Irrigated Areas 89-11-001December 1989
Goldendale Wastewater Treatment Plant/Little Klickitat River Receiving Water Studies and Total Maximum Daily Load Evaluation. 86-e22October 1986
Goldendale Sewage Treatment Plant Class II Inspection, August 27-28, 1985, and March 11-12, 1986. 86-e13October 1986
Goldendale Wastewater Treatment Plant/Little Klickitat River Low-Flow Survey Data and Findings. 85-e20December 1985
Little Klickitat River Receiving Water Survey in the Vicinity of Goldendale STP. 83-e25April 1983
Geology and Water Resources of Klickitat County WSB 50January 1979
A Review of the Water Resources of the Klickitat Basin 76-11-004July 1976
Monthly Streamflow in the Klickitat Basin OFTR 76-03May 1976
Klickitat River at Klickitat Receiving Water Study. 75-e29December 1975
Klickitat STP Survey. 76-e27October 1975
Stevenson STP Efficiency Study. 75-e54October 1975
Goldendale STP. 73-e49February 1973
A Geohydrologic Reconnaissance of the Dead Canyon Area, Klickitat County, Washington oftr 72-03December 1972