Cleaning Center of Redmond
15796 Redmond Way, Redmond, WA 98052


The Cleaning Center of Redmond cleanup Site is located at 15796 Redmond Way, Redmond, WA 98052.  The source of contamination on the Property was the former dry cleaning machine which used perchloroethylene (PCE).  A release was confirmed in 1999.  A strip mall currently occupies the Property. The strip mall was first constructed in the 1960’s and expanded from 1980’s through 2009.  The Cleaning Center of Redmond facility continues to occupy the tenant space at 15796 Redmond Way.   PCE use was discontinued in 2002.  Ecology listed the Site on the Hazardous Sites List (HSL) in 2000.  In 2003-2007, cleanup was conducted at the Site.  Contaminated soil was removed, a soil vapor extraction system was installed and operated for three years.  Indoor air sampling was conducted, and in 2018, a computer model demonstration was conducted.  Soil, ground water, and indoor air were sampled to confirm the cleanup was effective.  Ecology has determined that the Site cleanup actions meet state cleanup standards. 

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Quitar la Lavandería de Redmond de la Lista de Sitios Peligrosos

El Sitio de Limpieza de la Lavandería de Redmond está ubicado en el 15796 Redmond Way, Redmond, WA 98502. La fuente de contaminación de la Propiedad fue la antigua máquina de lavado en seco que usaba percloroetileno (PCE por sus siglas en inglés). Una emisión fue confirmada en 1999. Actualmente un pequeño centro comercial ocupa la Propiedad. El pequeño centro comercial fue construido en la década de 1960 y se expandió entre la década de 1980 al 2009. La instalación de la Lavandería de Redmond continúa ocupando el sitio en el 15796 Redmond Way como inquilino. El uso de PCE se discontinuó en el 2002. Ecología agregó el Sitio a la Lista de Sitios Peligrosos (HSL por sus siglas en inglés) en el 2000. Entre 2003-2007, se llevó a cabo la limpieza en el Sitio. El suelo contaminado fue removido, se instaló un sistema de extracción de vapores del suelo que se operó durante tres años. Se llevó a cabo muestreo del aire interior, y en el 2018, se llevó a cabo una demostración de un modelo computarizado. Se tomaron muestras del suelo, agua subterránea y aire interior para confirmar si la limpieza fue efectiva. Ecología ha determinado que las acciones de limpieza en el Sitio cumplen con las normas estatales de limpieza. Para obtener más información en español, por favor contacte a Gustavo Ordóñez por correo electrónico a o llame al (360) 407-6619.



Redmond清理中心清理點位於華盛頓州Redmond 市Redmond 路15796號,郵編98052。1999年公佈明確該處污染源是以前乾洗機使用過的四氯乙烯(PCE),現一購物中心佔用此地,它始建於60年代,1980代至2009年間擴建。Redmond清理中心繼續佔用地處Redmond路15796號的租地。PCE於2002年停止使用。2000年生態環保署將該處列入危險站點名單(HSL)。2003-2007年期間對該站點進行了清理工作。清除掉污染的土壤,安裝了土壤氣相抽提系統(SVE)並運行了3年,採集了大氣環境樣品;2018年,展示了計算模型。土壤/地下水及大氣環境樣品結果說明清理工作已見成效。生態署認為站點清理行動達到本州清理標準。更多詳情,中文服務請聯繫Sunny Becker ,聯繫範式,或撥打425-649-7187。

Current front view of building - Cleaning Center of Redmond facility
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The source of contamination on the Property was the former dry cleaning machine that used the dry cleaning solvent PCE. A release of PCE to soil and groundwater was confirmed in 1999. PCE used was discontinued in 2002.

 strip mall currently occupies the Property, and went through a significant expansion in 2009.  The Cleaning Center of Redmond facility continues to operate in the tenant space at 15796 Redmond Way.   


Contaminated soil was over-excavated and removed from the Site.  A soil vapor extraction (SVE) remediation system was installed in 2003 to address concentrations of PCE in soil and groundwater.  Soil and groundwater monitoring data was collected on a scheduled basis from 2003 through 2006.  Indoor air sampling was conducted in 2007 in building spaces overlying the contaminant plume, to assess potential vapor intrusion impacts.  The results showed concentrations below Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) air cleanup levels.  As the Site was also defined by the release of PCE to ground water migrating off-Property toward the Sammamish River, a computer model demonstration was conducted in 2018. The model confirmed that PCE remaining in soil or ground water (below cleanup standards) will not result in future exceedances of the ground water cleanup levels for the Site, including ground water that discharges into the Sammamish River.


  • Tetrachloroethene (PCE) into the Soil
  • PCE into the Groundwater
  • PCE into the Soil Gas


This Site is under the Voluntary Cleanup Program  (VCP) at the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) Northwest Regional Office. The VCP enables owners of contaminated Sites to meet state cleanup standards independently and to receive technical guidance and opinions from Ecology during the cleanup process.  

The VCP allows owners an opportunity to clean up their contaminated Sites on a contractual basis rather than under an Ecology legal order. Participants in the VCP pay fees to Ecology to cover the department’s costs for guidance and review. VCP Sites must meet the same cleanup standards as formal (under legal agreements) Sites managed by Ecology.  Formal and VCP Sites are regulated by the state’s cleanup law, the Model Toxics Control Act, which was created by a 1989 voter initiative.


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