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Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) (74 publications 1988-2023)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Soil Sampling for Pesticides, VOCs, PAHs, and Metals in Selected Cannabis Farms in Okanogan County 23-09-011July 2023
Gas Works Park站点 - 沉积区单元 23-09-143ZHJune 2023
Site ng Gas Works Park: Sediment Unit 23-09-143TLJune 2023
Sitio de Gas Works Park - Unidad de sedimentos 23-09-143ESJune 2023
Gas Works Park Remedial Cleanup Action Plan, Consent Decree, SEPA Determination Fact Sheet 2023 23-09-143June 2023
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Monitoring Persistent, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic Chemicals (PBTs) Using Age-Dated Lake Sediment Cores: 2023-2027 23-03-114June 2023
Dawn Food Products 清理点 23-09-160ZHMay 2023
Hiện Trường Dọn Sạch Dawn Food Products 23-09-160VIMay 2023
Goobta Nadiifinta Alaabaadka Cuntada Dawn 23-09-160SOMay 2023
ទីតាំងសម្អាតផលិតផលអាទីតាំងសម្អាតផលិតផលអាហារនៅដោន (Dawn Food Products) 23-09-160KMMay 2023
Sitio de limpieza de Dawn Food Products 23-09-160ESMay 2023
የ Dawn Food Products የጽዳት ጣቢያ 23-09-160AMMay 2023
Dawn Food Products Agreed Order and Public Participation Fact Sheet 23-09-160May 2023
Duwamish Waterway Park清理站点 23-09-136ZHMarch 2023
Địa Điểm Tẩy Nhiễm Duwamish Waterway Park 23-09-136VIMarch 2023
Goobta Nadiifinta Duwamish Waterway Park 23-09-136SOMarch 2023
ទីតាំងសម្អាតឧទ្យានផ្លូវទឹកឌុយវ៉ាមីស (Duwamish Waterway Park) 23-09-136KMMarch 2023
Sitio de limpieza del Parque Duwamish Waterway 23-09-136ESMarch 2023
የ Duwamish የውሃ ተፋሰስ ፓርክ ማጽጃ ጣቢያ 23-09-136AMMarch 2023
Status Update: Port Angeles Cleanup Sites and Natural Resource Damage Assessments 23-09-092March 2023
Public Participation Plan: Boeing Kent Space Center 22-04-040February 2023
Duwamish Waterway Park Agreed Order and Public Participation Plan Fact Sheet 23-09-136January 2023
North Boeing Field Georgetown 蒸汽廠臨時清理工作 22-09-182ZHNovember 2022
Hành Động Tạm Thời Cho Nhà Máy Hơi Nước North Boeing Field Georgetown 22-09-182VINovember 2022
North Boeing Field Georgetown Steam Plant Interim Action សកម្មភាពបណ្តោះអាសន្ននៃរោងចក្រចំហាយទឹកណ័តបូអ៊ីងហ្វៀលដ្យចថោន 22-09-182KMNovember 2022
Acción Provisional para la Planta de Vapor Georgetown en el Campo Norte de Boeing 22-09-182ESNovember 2022
North Boeing Field Dog Park/Georgetown Steam Plant Fact Sheet 22-09-182November 2022
Boeing Kent Space Center: Documents Available for Review and Comment 22-04-039November 2022
Quality Assurance Project Plan: County Construction Recyclers Landfill Groundwater Assessment Monitoring 22-03-115November 2022
Independent Metals Plant 2 清理站點 22-09-181ZHOctober 2022
Địa Điểm Tẩy Nhiễm Independent Metals Plant 2 22-09-181VIOctober 2022
ទីតាំងសម្អាតរោងចក្រដែកឯករាជ្យ 2 (Independent Metals Plant 2 Cleanup Site) 22-09-181KMOctober 2022
Sitio de Limpieza de Independent Metals Plant 2 22-09-181ESOctober 2022
Independent Metals Plant 2 Agreed Order and Public Participation Plan Fact Sheet 22-09-181October 2022
Gas Works Park站點:沉積區单元: 修復調查和可行性研究/ 商定的命令修訂 22-09-180ZHOctober 2022
Site ng Gas Works Park: Sediment Unit: pag-aaral tungkol sa solusyon at pagsusuri sa solusyon/ napagkasunduang pagbabago sa utos) 22-09-180TLOctober 2022
Gas Works Park Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study and Agreed Order Amendment Fact 22-09-180October 2022
Johns Auto Wrecking Cleanup Site 22-09-094October 2022
May Creek Landfill Groundwater Quality Monitoring, February 2020 – March 2022 22-03-019October 2022
Chemicals of Emerging Concern in Pretreated Industrial Wastewater in Northwestern Washington State: Screening Study Results, 2021 22-03-013July 2022
Sundberg Gravel Pit Informational Fact Sheet 22-09-090March 2022
Boletín Informativo del Plan de Limpieza y Documentos de SEPA para el Relleno Sanitario de Shelton C Street 21-09-096ESNovember 2021
Shelton C Street Landfill Fact Sheet Cleanup Plan and SEPA Documents 21-09-096November 2021
Fargher Lake Grocery Groundwater Monitoring Results, April and July 2019: Data Summary Report 21-03-006April 2021
Shell Mart McKenzie Automotive Groundwater Monitoring Results, April 2019: Data Summary Report 21-03-002February 2021
Block 38 West 清理工作站 20-09-175ZHDecember 2020
Sitio de Limpieza Block 38 West 20-09-175ESDecember 2020
Block 38 West Cleanup Site Interim Action Work Plan Factsheet 20-09-175December 2020
Quality Assurance Project Plan: May Creek Landfill Groundwater Assessment Monitoring 20-03-115November 2020
PBT Chemical Trends Determined from Age-Dated Lake Sediment Cores, 2017 Results 20-03-002July 2020
South State Street Manufactured Gas Plant Cleanup Action Plan and SEPA Determination Fact Sheet 20-09-162June 2020
Tacoma Metals 20-09-119April 2020
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Freshwater Fish Contaminant Monitoring Program 20-03-106April 2020
Western Port Angeles Harbor Public Comment on RI/FS Fact Sheet 20-09-090January 2020
Snopac Property Cleanup Site 19-09-190June 2019
Snopac Property Cleanup Site Public Participation Plan 19-09-140June 2019
Addendum to Quality Assurance Project Plan: Environmental Effects-Based Concentrations for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in Marine Water and Freshwater 19-03-104April 2019
Screening for PAHs and Metals in the Puget Sound Basin at Aquatic Habitats Adjacent to Mainline Railroad Tracks 19-03-005March 2019
Implementation Memorandum No. 18: Petroleum Vapor Intrusion (VI): Updated Screening Levels, Cleanup Levels, and Assessing PVI Threats to Future Buildings 17-09-043January 2018
Lake Washington Area Regional Background: Data Evaluation and Summary Report 16-09-064February 2017
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Screening for PAHs and Metals in the Puget Sound Basin at Aquatic Habitats Adjacent to Mainline Railroad Tracks 16-03-119October 2016
Puget Sound Regional Toxics Model: Evaluation of PCBs, PBDEs, PAHs, Copper, Lead, and Zinc 15-03-025August 2015
Implementation Memorandum #10: Evaluating the Human Health Toxicity of Carcinogenic PAHs (cPAHs) using Toxicity Equivalency Factors (TEFs) 15-09-049April 2015
PAH Chemical Action Plan 12-07-048December 2012
Focus on Fish Testing: Snake River Fish Tested for Chemicals 11-03-067December 2011
Urban Seattle Area Soil Dioxin and PAH Concentrations Initial Summary Report 11-09-049September 2011
Washington State Toxics Monitoring Program: Trend Monitoring for Chlorinated Pesticides, PCBs, PAHs, and PBDEs in Washington Rivers and Lakes, 2008 10-03-027April 2010
Washington State Toxics Monitoring Program: Freshwater Fish Tissue Component, 2008 09-03-055November 2009
Addendum #1 to Quality Assurance Project Plan: Depositional History of Mercury in Selected Washington Lakes Determined from Sediment Cores. 06-03-113ADD1May 2008
Focus on the PBT Rule 06-07-011February 2006
Concentrations of 303(d) Listed Pesticides, PCBs, and PAHs Measured with Passive Samplers Deployed in the Lower Columbia River 05-03-006March 2005
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Monitoring 303(d) Listed Pesticides, PCBs, and PAHs in the Lower Columbia River Drainage Using a Semipermeable Membrane Device 03-03-108October 2003
Effects of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Sediments from Lake Washington on Freshwater Bioassay Organisms and Benthic Macroinvertebrates 92-e01June 1992
Cascade Pole site in Budd Inlet: Potential source of PAH; Review of AGI report 88-03-001April 1988