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53 Lower Lake Roosevelt (31 publications 1977-2023)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
WRIA 53 Lower Lake Roosevelt Watershed Water Availability 20-11-053June 2023
Focus on: Section 401 Water Quality Certifications 21-06-008April 2021
Focus on: Water of the United States 21-06-007March 2021
Planning for flood risks 21-06-004February 2021
Upland Regional Soil Background Characterization for Select Metals in Northeast Washington Watersheds 19-03-014July 2019
Survey of Per- and Poly-fluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) in Rivers and Lakes, 2016 17-03-021September 2017
Focus on Water Availability: Lower Lake Roosevelt Watershed, WRIA 53 11-11-057January 2017
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Lake Spokane Phosphorus Input II 16-10-033October 2016
Microcystins and Other Blue-Green Algae Toxins Analyzed in Fish and Sediments from Washington Lakes 13-03-001February 2013
Groundwater Level Gauging Project: Lower Lake Roosevelt Watershed (WRIA 53), 15-03-015June 2011
Technical Memorandum Update on Groundwater Level Gauging Project - Lower Lake Roosevelt 12-03-327June 2010
Groundwater Inventory and Mapping Project Lower Lake Roosevelt Watershed 12-03-325June 2010
Preliminary Critical Aquifer Recharge Analysis Report Lower Lake Roosevelt Watershed 12-03-324June 2010
2009 Report to the Legislature: Watershed Plan Implementation Statutory Changes, Progress Report on Setting Instream Flows, and Reclaimed Water in Adopted Plans 09-11-033January 2010
QAPP Groundwater Level Gauging Program, Northern Lincoln County, ver_1 Draft 12-03-326November 2009
Groundwater Level Declines in the Columbia River Basalt Group and their Relationship to Mechanisms for Groundwater Recharge: A Conceptual Groundwater System Model 15-03-201June 2009
2008 Report to the Legislature - Progress on Watershed Planning and Setting Instream Flows 08-06-027December 2008
Focus on Lake Roosevelt Incremental Storage Releases Program 08-11-015May 2008
Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the Lake Roosevelt Incremental Storage Releases Program 08-11-012May 2008
Clarks Creek Watershed Fecal Coliform TMDL 07-10-110May 2008
Frequently Asked Questions about Tribal-State agreement to deliver water from Lake Roosevelt to farms, towns and salmon in Eastern Washington 07-11-050April 2008
Lake Roosevelt Supplemental Water Releases 08-11-008March 2008
Finding Water Supplies for Eastern Washington 08-11-005February 2008
Progress on Watershed Planning and Setting Instream Flows 05-11-038December 2005
2002 Report to the Legislature: Trans Boundary Water 03-11-009July 2003
Aquatic Plants Technical Assistance Program 1995 Activity Report 96-332July 1996
The Spokane River Basin: Allowable Phosphorus Loading 87-e29September 1987
Phosphorus Attenuation in the Spokane River 85-e28June 1985
Water Quality of Crescent Bay Lake, August 1-2, 1983. 83-e18November 1983
Spokane River Wasteload Allocation Study, Phase I 81-e27April 1981
An Efficiency Survey of the Davenport Sewage Treatment Plant and Its Effects upon Cottonwood Creek. 77-e14October 1977