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Sample Source Code Description Active
Animal Tissue Animal Tissue Y
Animal Tissue - Lab Exposure Animal Tissue - Lab Exposure Y
Brackish Porewater Brackish Porewater Y
Brackish Sediment Brackish Sediment Y
Brackish Water Brackish Water Y
Bulk Atmospheric Deposition Bulk Atmospheric Deposition – Collected during dry periods and precipitation events. Y
CSO Outfall Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) outfall Y
CSS Catch Basin Combined Sewer System (CSS) catch basin Y
CSS In-Line Combined Sewer System (CSS) in-line Y
Dry Atmospheric Deposition Dry Atmospheric Deposition – Collected during dry periods or sheltered from precipitation. Y
Elutriate Elutriate, supernatant of sediment-water mixture Y
Fresh/Surface Water Fresh/Surface Water Y
Freshwater Porewater Freshwater Porewater Y
Freshwater Sediment Freshwater Sediment Y
Freshwater Taxonomy Freshwater Taxonomy Y
Groundwater Groundwater Y
Habitat Metrics Habitat Metrics Y
Indoor Air Indoor Air Y
Industrial Discharge Industrial Discharge Y
Landfill Leachate Leachate sampled from a landfill leachate collection system Y
Outdoor Air Outdoor Air Y
Periphyton Periphyton - mixture of attached photosynthetic algae and bacteria in aquatic systems. Y
Pit Water Water from test pit or excavation Y
Plant Tissue Plant Tissue Y
Precipitation Precipitation Y
Rock/Gravel Rock/Gravel Y
Salt/Marine Porewater Salt/Marine Porewater Y
Salt/Marine Sediment Salt/Marine Sediment Y
Salt/Marine Taxonomy Salt/Marine Taxonomy Y
Salt/Marine Water Salt/Marine Water Y
Sewer In-Line Sewer system, in-line Y
Soil Soil Y
Soil Gas Soil Gas Y
Source - Other Source - Other Y
Spring/Seep Spring or Seep Y
Stormwater BMP Effluent Stormwater, BMP effluent Y
Stormwater BMP influent Stormwater, BMP influent Y
Stormwater BMP mid Stormwater, BMP mid (treatment zone) Y
Stormwater Catch Basin Stormwater Catch Basin Y
Stormwater In-Line Stormwater, in-line conveyance or drainage Y
Stormwater outfall Stormwater, outfall Y
Stormwater sheetflow Stormwater, sheetflow Y
Wet Atmospheric Deposition Wet Atmospheric Deposition – Collected only during precipitation events. Y
WWTP Effluent Wastewater treatment plant effluent Y
WWTP Influent Wastewater treatment plant influent Y
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