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Valid Values - Units


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Type Code Description Active
MISC #/100m Pieces per 100 meters Y
TAX #/100mL Number per 100 milliliters (or per deciliter) Y
TAX #/L Number per liter Y
TAX #/m2 Number per square meter Y
TAX #/mL Number per milliliter Y
TAX #col/100ml Number of bacteria colonies per 100 milliliters Y
SUBST % Percent Y
SUBST % LEL Percent of Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) Y
MISC % light Percent of Light that was transmitted through Y
AREA acres Acres Y
MISC atm Pressure, atmospheres Y
RAD Bq/l Becquerels per liter Y
TAX cells/bead cells per bead Y
TAX cells/dL Cells per deciliter Y
FLOW cfs Cubic feet per second Y
TAX cfu/100mL Colony Forming Units per 100 milliliters Y
TAX cfu/mL Colony Forming Units per milliliter Y
LEN cm centimeters Y
AREA cm2 Square centimeters Y
FLOW cms Cubic meters per second Y
MISC count count Y
MISC cy/cis ratio of cy/cis PLFAs Y
MISC dbar Decibars Y
MISC deg Direction or angle, degrees Y
TEMP deg C Degrees Celsius (Centigrade) Y
TEMP deg F Degrees Fahrenheit Y
RAD DPM Disintegrations per minute Y
RAD DPS Disintegrations per second Y
GENDER Female Female Y
SUBST fibers/L fibers per liter Y
MISC FNU Formazin Nephelometric Units for Turbidity Y
LEN ft feet Y
MISC ft/ft feet per feet (dimensionless) Y
VEL ft/s Feet per second Y
AREA ft2 Square feet Y
VOL ft3 Cubic feet Y
SUBST g grams Y
SUBST g/cm3 grams per cubic centimeter Y
SUBST g/Kg grams per kilogram Y
SUBST g/L grams per liter Y
SUBST g/m2 grams per square meter Y
FLOW gal/day Gallons per day Y
FLOW gal/min Gallons per minute Y
FLOW gal/sec Gallons per second Y
VOL gallons Gallons Y
AREA hectare Hectare Y
LEN in inches Y
MISC in/Hg Pressure, inches of mercury Y
MISC INDEX Index Value Y
MISC JTU Turbidity, Jackson Turbidity Units Y
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