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Category Code Description Source Reference Active Alias
Analysis EPA365.3OP Phosphorus, Ortho-phos; Colorimetric, Ascorbic Acid, Two Reagent USEPA Y
ANALYSIS EPA405.1 Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), 5 Day at 20 degrees C Ecology-MEL Y
ANALYSIS NLIPIDS Non-polar Lipids Ecology-MEL Y
ANALYSIS EPA608.5 Percent fat (lipids) in tissue Ecology-MEL Y
Analysis UFA UFA for Pore water extraction Ecology-MEL Y
ANALYSIS MICROSCOPE Visual Identification using a microscope Ecology-MEL Y
BIOASSAY EPA1991 EPA/600/4-90/027. Acute Toxicity of Effluents to Freshwater & Marine Organisms Ecology-MEL Y
COLLECTION FISH-MISC Fish collection, unspecified Y
Analysis HYDRO-ID Hydrocarbon Identification Qualitative Ecology-MEL Y
Preparation GRINDER Tissue ground by grinder, food processor, or blender Y
COLLECTION AUTOS-MISC Auto sampler, type unspecified Y
MEASUREMENT SWFMA Streamflow by Acoustic meter (transient-time meter). Y
ANALYSIS BOD5 Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) 5 day test Y
Measurement Barometer-aneroid Barometric pressure using aneroid barometer Y BARO
Collection PUMP-BLADDER Pump, bladder Y PUMP-BLDR
Collection SEDTRAP Suspended sediment / suspended particulate matter (SPM) trap, type undifferentiated Y
COLLECTION SURBER Macroinvertebrate collection, Surber sampler Y
COLLECTION HESTERDEND Macroinvertebrate collection, Hester-Dendy multiplate sampler Y
MEASUREMENT EST_SW Streamflow by estimation, exact method not reported. Y
MEASUREMENT EST_FVOL Streamflow measured by timed volume. Y
COLLECTION INVRT-MISC Macroinvertebrate collection, unspecified Y
Measurement EPA150.1-Field pH, Electrometric, field Y EPA150.1M
Measurement COND-METER Specific Conductivity, field meter Y CONDMETER
MEASUREMENT SECCHI-L 20 cm diameter black and white limnological style Secchi disk depth of visibility Y SECCHIM
Collection BAILER-PVC Bailer, PVC Y BAIL-PVC
Collection PUMP-SUBMERSIBLE Pump, submersible electric Y PUMP-SUB
COLLECTION CORE-MISC Corer, type unspecified Y
ANALYSIS COMB CO2 Total Organic Carbon (TOC) combustion/CO2 TETRA TECH Y
Collection SED-CENTRIFUGE Suspended sediment / suspended particulate matter (SPM) by centrifuge, continuous flow composite Y CENTRIF
ANALYSIS SM2540D110 Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Dried at 110 deg C Y
COLLECTION PONAR.02M2 Grab sampler, Ponar, 0.02 m2 Y
Collection SED-INTEGRATING Suspended sediment / suspended particulate matter (SPM) by depth or point integrating sampler Y SED-INTGR
Measurement PH-METER pH by field meter/electrode Y PHMETER
MEASUREMENT STAGE-SG Surface water/stream stage by staff gage. Y
MEASUREMENT TEMPLOGGER Temperature by data logger Y
MEASUREMENT SWFMD Streamflow by doppler meter. Y
MEASUREMENT SWFMR Streamflow reported, method not known. Y
MEASUREMENT WEIGHT Weight of item(s) by scale Y
Measurement EH-METER Eh (Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) or REDOX potential) by field meter/electrode Y EHMETER
Collection PUMP-HYDROSTAR Pump, HydroStar piston or similar Y PUMP-HYDRO
PREPARATION BENTH.5MIC Sediment sample rinsed through a .5 micron soil sieve for Macroinvertebrate identification Y
COLLECTION ROCKBASKET Macroinvertebrate collection, rock basket Y
Derivation CALCNH3UN Is calcualted from NH4, pH and Temperature. Y
MEASUREMENT SWFMC Streamflow by current meter. Y
Collection FISH-POISON Fish collection, poison Y
ANALYSIS FGS-022-W Arsenic speciation, water (Draft EPA 1632A, modified using IC-AFS) Y
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