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Type Code Description Active
AREA hectare Hectare Y
MISC Hz Hertz Y
LEN in inches Y
MISC in/Hg Pressure, inches of mercury Y
MISC INDEX Index Value Y
MISC JTU Turbidity, Jackson Turbidity Units Y
SUBST Kg kilograms Y
SUBST kg/L kilograms per liter Y
MISC kg/m3-1000 Kilograms per cubic meter minus one thousand. Y
VEL knots Nautical miles per hour Y
VOL L Liters Y
SUBST L/kg liters per kilogram Y
FLOW L/s Liters per second Y
SUBST lb pounds Y
MISC lb/ft3 pounds per cubic feet Y
LEN m meters Y
MISC m/m meter per meter (dimensionless) Y
VEL m/s Meters per second Y
MISC m^-1 Inverse of meter Y
AREA m2 Square meters Y
MISC m2/100m Meters squared per 100 meters Y
VOL m3 Cubic meters Y
MISC m3/100m Volume per 100 meters Y
MISC m3/m2 Meters cubed per meters squared Y
GENDER Male Male Y
MISC meq/100g milliequivalents per 100 grams Y
MISC meq/L milliequivalents per liter Y
SUBST MFL Million fibers per liter at > 10 microns in length Y
SUBST mg/100cm2 milligrams per 100 square centimeters Y
SUBST mg/day milligrams per day Y
SUBST mg/g milligrams per gram Y
TAX mg/indv milligrams per individual Y
SUBST mg/Kg milligrams per kilogram Y
SUBST mg/kg-day milligrams per kilogram per day Y
SUBST mg/L milligrams per liter Y
SUBST mg/m2 milligrams per square meter Y
SUBST mg/m3 milligrams per cubic meter Y
FLOW mgd Millions of gallons per day Y
LEN micron microns Y
VOL mL Milliliters Y
SUBST mL/L milliliters per liter Y
LEN mm millimeters Y
MISC mm/Hg Pressure, millimeters of mercury Y
MISC mm2/sec millimeters squared per second Y
TAX MPN/100g Most Probable Number (MPN) per 100 grams Y
TAX MPN/100mL Most Probable Number (MPN) per 100 milliliters Y
TAX MPN/g Most Probable Number (MPN) per gram Y
RAD mrem/yr millirem per year Y
MISC mS/cm Conductivity in milliSiemens per centimeter Y
MISC mS/m Conductivity in milliSiemens per meter Y
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