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Type Code Description Active
MISC mV electromotive force/electric potential, millivolts Y
MISC mV(NHE) millivolts vs NHE (normal hydrogen electrode) Y
SUBST ng/100cm2 nanograms per 100 square centimeters Y
SUBST ng/g nanograms per gram Y
SUBST ng/Kg nanograms per kilogram Y
SUBST ng/L nanograms per liter Y
SUBST ng/m2/day nanograms per square meter per day Y
LEN nm nanometers Y
MISC None None Y
MISC NTU Turbidity, Nephelometric Turbidity Units Y
SUBST Particles/Kg Particles per kilogram Y
SUBST Particles/L Particles per liter Y
SUBST PCCU Platinum-Cobalt Color Units Y
RAD pCi/g pico curies per gram Y
RAD pCi/L pico curies per liter Y
MISC per m Per meter Y
RAD per mil parts per thousand Y
SUBST pg picograms Y
SUBST pg/g picograms per gram Y
SUBST pg/L picograms per liter Y
SUBST pg/m3 picogram per cubic meter Y
SUBST pg/ul Picograms per microliter Y
MISC pH pH units Y
SUBST Phi Phi units, particle/grain size Y
SUBST ppb parts per billion Y
SUBST ppbv parts per billion by volume Y
SUBST ppm parts per million Y
SUBST ppmv parts per million by volume Y
SUBST ppq parts per quadrillion Y
SUBST ppth parts per thousand Y
SUBST pptr parts per trillion Y
SUBST PSS Practical Salinity Scale (alt. PSU - Units) Y
MISC PSU Practical Salinity Units Y
SUBST RFU relative fluorescence units Y
MISC S/cm Conductivity in siemens per centimeter Y
MISC S/m Conductivity in siemens per meter Y
SUBST sigma-t For Density, sigma-t = 1000*(kg/m^3 - 1) Y
MISC TON Threshold odor number Y
MISC trans/cis ratio of trans/cis PLFAs Y
RAD TU Tritium units Y
SUBST ug micrograms Y
SUBST ug/100cm2 micrograms per 100 square centimeters Y
SUBST ug/g micrograms per gram Y
SUBST ug/Kg micrograms per kilogram Y
SUBST ug/L micrograms per liter Y
SUBST ug/L DFME micrograms/liter, diesel fuel marine equivalents Y
SUBST ug/m3 micrograms per cubic meter Y
MISC umhos/cm Conductivity in micromhos per centimeter @ 25 C Y
SUBST umol micromoles Y
SUBST umol/g micromoles per gram Y
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