Document Repository for K Ply
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Group: Legal

 K Ply Remedial Action Order10/30/1990Agreed OrderShow
 Marine Trades Area Agreed Order for a Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study12/19/2005Agreed OrderShow
 K Ply Agreed Order10/15/2012Agreed OrderShow
 K Ply- Final PLP11/06/2014Final Potentially Liable Person Status LetterShow
 K Ply Agreed Order 201505/19/2015Agreed OrderShow
 Satisfaction of Agreed Order No. DE 954609/28/2016Order Notice of Satisfaction/StatusShow
 Release from Remedial Action Order No. DE 90-S25510/03/2016Order Notice of Satisfaction/StatusShow
 K Ply Environmental Covenant06/29/2017Environmental Covenant; Alternative MechanismShow

Group: Public Information

 Marine Trades Area Fact Sheet for Agreed Order Comment Period12/01/2005Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow
 K Ply Agreed Order and Interim Action Plan Comment Period Fact Sheet10/08/2012Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow
 K Ply Public Participation Plan10/08/2012Public Participation PlanShow
 K Ply AO IAWP Open House Presentation10/22/2012MultimediaShow
 K Ply Agreed Order and IAWP Responsiveness Summary04/30/2013Responsiveness SummaryShow
 K Ply Fact Sheet 201503/23/2015Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow
 K Ply Public Participation Plan03/23/2015Public Participation PlanShow
 Responsiveness Summary 201505/19/2015Responsiveness SummaryShow

Group: State Environmental Policy Act

 K Ply SEPA DNS and Checklist03/26/2015SEPA DocumentsShow

Group: Technical Reports

 K Ply Interim Action Work Plan10/15/2012Interim Action DocumentsShow
 K Ply Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study Work Plan09/04/2013Remedial Investigation Work PlanShow
 Supplemental Data Collection Technical Memorandum01/27/2014Site Specific Technical Document - otherShow
 K Ply CAP May 201505/19/2015Cleanup Action PlanShow
 K Ply Site Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study05/19/2015Remedial Investigation / Feasibility StudyShow
 K Ply Site Engineering Design Report08/14/2015Engineering Design ReportShow
 K Ply Site Constrcution Completion Report12/20/2016Final Cleanup Action ReportShow
 Proposed Activity and Use Restrictions at K Ply05/23/2017Site Specific Administrative Document - other (Administrative correspondence)Show