Environmental cleanup is complete at the Handy Mart formerly known as John’s Shell. The Site is located The Site is located at 1410 Ocean Beach Highway Longview, 98632-4644.


The Site includes a gas station, convenience store, carwash, and underground fuel storage tank system. The storage tanks at the Site were installed in 1969, and continue to operate to date. Petroleum hydrocarbons from leaked fuel was found in soil and groundwater in 1991. The release was determined due to loosen bolts on a leak detector, which had been repaired. The property owners removed 140 cubic yards of contaminated soil, and Ecology decided cleanup was complete in 1992. However, in 2005, petroleum hydrocarbons exceeding cleanup levels, due to the remainder of the 1991 release, were identified in the Site’s groundwater.

Cleanup activities that have been conducted include investigation for remaining petroleum hydrocarbons and groundwater monitoring. Recent soil and groundwater tests showed that the contamination has been cleaned up, to below applicable cleanup levels, by naturally
occurring physical, chemical and biological processes.


Map showing site location as Cowlitz County, WA SITE INFORMATION


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Facility Site ID: # 98186449

Cleanup Site ID: 11294

Longview, Cowlitz County

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