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Gas Stations (24 publications 2016-2021)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Bingo Fuel Stop Proposed Removal from the Hazardous Sites List 21-09-012September 2021
Texaco Strickland 清理工作站 21-09-172ZHJuly 2021
Sitio de Limpieza Texaco Strickland 21-09-172ESJuly 2021
Texaco Strickland Cleanup Site 21-09-172July 2021
Focus on: Dangerous Waste Guidance for Gas Stations 21-04-033July 2021
Jackpot Food Mart 056 Delisting Public Comment Period 21-09-004May 2021
Tiger Oil N 1st St Fmr 6013 Agreed Order Available for Review and Comment 21-09-003May 2021
Fargher Lake Grocery Groundwater Monitoring Results, April and July 2019: Data Summary Report 21-03-006April 2021
Shell Mart McKenzie Automotive Groundwater Monitoring Results, April 2019: Data Summary Report 21-03-002February 2021
Big B Mini Mart Cleanup Action Plan Agreed Order Public Comment Period 20-09-009October 2020
Unocal Bulk Plant 0046 Agreed Order Comment Period 20-09-004August 2020
Kens Auto Wash II Proposed Removal from the Hazardous Sites List 20-09-007July 2020
Chevron 97502 Agreed Order and Public Participation Plan Fact Sheet 20-09-163June 2020
Unocal Bulk Plant 0853 Proposed Removal from the Hazardous Sites List 20-09-005June 2020
Focus On: UST Fee Increase in 2021 20-09-051February 2020
Removing Borrelli Real Estate Investments from the Hazardous Site List 19-09-184MLAugust 2019
Texaco 211577 Monterey Cleanup Site Public Participation Plan 19-09-142June 2019
Texaco 211577 Monterey Cleanup Site Factsheet 19-09-141June 2019
Unocal 5905 Proposed removal from the Hazardous Sites List 19-09-064June 2019
Focus on: Storage Tanks and Climate Change 19-09-055May 2019
Proposal to remove Mobil 99BLV from the Hazardous Sites List and Leaking Underground Storage Tank List 19-09-180MLApril 2019
Implementation Memorandum No. 18: Petroleum Vapor Intrusion (VI): Updated Screening Levels, Cleanup Levels, and Assessing PVI Threats to Future Buildings 17-09-043January 2018
Toxics Cleanup Program Policy 560B: Granting Mixed Funding for LUST Cleanups 17-09-326October 2017
Current Developments in Vapor Intrusion (Poster format) 16-09-062May 2016