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Nonpoint Pollution (43 publications 1993-2024)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Lacamas Creek Bacteria, Temperature and Nutrients Source Assessment Report 24-03-005March 2024
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Monitoring of Tire Contaminants in Coho Salmon Watersheds 23-03-113November 2023
Washington's Water Quality Management Plan to Control Nonpoint Sources of Pollution 22-10-025August 2023
Water Quality Program Policy 1-11 Chapter 1: Washington's Water Quality Assessment Listing Methodology to Meet Clean Water Act Requirements 18-10-035March 2023
6PPD in Road Runoff: Assessment and Mitigation Strategies 22-03-020October 2022
Focus on: Runoff Water Pollution in Washington 21-10-040November 2021
Focus on: Nutrients General Permit Process 20-10-026June 2021
Focus on: Reducing Nutrient Pollution in Puget Sound 20-10-025June 2021
Focus on: Section 401 Water Quality Certifications 21-06-008April 2021
Focus on: Office of Chehalis Basin re appropriations 21-13-001February 2021
Planning for flood risks 21-06-004February 2021
Water Quality Program Policy 1-11 Chapter 1: Response to Comments July 2020 20-10-028August 2020
Lower Skagit Tributaries Temperature Implementation Strategy 20-10-010March 2020
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Sumas-Blaine Surficial Aquifer Long-Term Ambient Groundwater Monitoring 19-03-114November 2019
Copper and Zinc in Urban Runoff: Phase 2 – Rainwater Washoff Monitoring 19-03-008June 2019
Environment Education Guide: Protecting Washington’s waters from stormwater pollution 07-10-058May 2019
Water Quality Program Policy 1-11 Chapter 1: October 2018 Public Review Response to Comments 18-10-036November 2018
East Fork Lewis River Watershed Bacteria and Temperature Source Assessment 18-03-019May 2018
Clark County Local Source Control Partnership Monitoring, Findings and Recommendations, 2017 18-03-018April 2018
Addendum to Quality Assurance Project Plan - Beach Environmental Assessment, Communication, and Health (BEACH) Program: Monitoring Washington State Marine Beaches 18-03-108March 2018
Environmental Effects-Based Concentrations for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH): Toxicity in Marine Water and Freshwater 18-03-002February 2018
Sumas-Blaine Aquifer Long-Term Groundwater Quality Monitoring, 2009-2016 17-03-013October 2017
POSTER: Copper and Zinc in Urban Runoff: Potential Pollutant Sources and Release Rates 17-03-023September 2017
Nonpoint Source Success Story: Washington - Kitsap County Pollution Identification and Correction (PIC) Program Improves Water Quality 17-10-011June 2017
Weaver Creek (Mason County) Fecal Coliform Attainment Monitoring Report 17-03-002May 2017
Bacteria Results for Nearshore Marine Areas in Puget Sound, 2010-2015: Regional Stormwater Monitoring Program 17-03-004March 2017
Henderson Inlet Fecal Coliform Total Maximum Daily Load: Water Quality Effectiveness Monitoring Report 17-03-001January 2017
Washington Nitrate Prioritization Project 16-10-011May 2016
Pussyfoot Creek and Second Creek Fecal Coliform Characterization Monitoring: Two Tributaries to the White River 15-10-048December 2015
Washington's Water Quality Management Plan to Control Nonpoint Sources of Pollution 15-10-015July 2015
Clean Water and Livestock Operations: Assessing Risks to Water Quality 15-10-020June 2015
POSTER: Assessment of Nonpoint Pollution in Washington State 15-03-017May 2015
Wetlands Identification-Call Before you Fill Flyer (Central Region) 15-06-010March 2015
Wetlands Identification - Call Before you Fill Flyer (Eastern Region) 15-06-005March 2015
Focus on Green-Duwamish: A Pollutant Loading Assessment (PLA) for the Green-Duwamish Watershed 14-10-053October 2014
Assessment of Nonpoint Pollution in Washington State 14-03-028September 2014
To ORV or NOT to ORV, that is the Question: Reducing Impacts from Off-Road Vehicles 14-10-027April 2014
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Washington Nitrate Prioritization Project 14-10-005January 2014
Focus on Riparian Buffers for Salmon Protection 13-10-034October 2013
Better Brakes Baseline Report 13-04-010July 2013
A Guide for Auto Body Shops 92-BR-16May 2003
Water Quality Guide - Recommended Pollution Control Practices for Homeowners and Small Farm Operators 87-30November 1994
Source Controls Protect Stormwater Quality WQ-R-93-014January 1993