Coleman Oil Biodiesel Spill
3 E Chehalis, Wenatchee, WA 98841-0153

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In 1921, the site began operating as a bulk fuel facility.  Coleman Oil Company (Coleman Oil) has owned the site since January 2007. Although it is currently not in operation, it was used in the past as a bulk fuel yard.  On March 17, 2017, a citizen saw an oil sheen on the Columbia River.  The oil sheen was generally next to the junction of Chehalis and Worthen Streets in Wenatchee.  An investigation by Ecology and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), with the full cooperation of Coleman Oil, the source was discovered to be from leaking underground piping connected a 20,000-gallon Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) containing diesel fuel to a truck loading rack at the site.


Stopping the oil sheen on the river was the highest priority.  Ecology spill responders and Coleman Oil placed floating barriers to contain the oil sheen, excavated contaminated soil, and installed recovery wells and vaults to pump out diesel to prevent it from reaching the river.  These actions are called Interim Actions.  Interim Actions are partial or short-term cleanup  while a long-term cleanup plan is worked on and are meant to reduce exposure to contamination.  Interim Actions continue today and have mostly stopped the oil sheen on the water. 


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Facility Site ID: # 83844381

Cleanup Site ID: 13215

Wenatchee, Chelan County

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Frank Winslow
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