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You're invited to comment on a proposed change to plans to clean up a portion of the Camp Bonneville Remedial Action Unit 3 (RAU-3) called Western Slopes Area.  
The following change is proposed to the cleanup described in section 5.2.5 of the 2010 Cleanup Action Plan for RAU-3 and available for public review and comment through February 15, 2019. Send comments using the online form.

Public Meeting:  February 6, 2019  The presentation from this meeting is listed on this webpage under Site Documents heading.

Location: Vancouver Community Library - Columbia Room 901 C Street, Vancouver 98660
Open House: 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. You're welcome to drop in to talk with project staff.
Presentation: 6:00 p.m.  About the proposed cleanup of the Western Slopes area of RAU-3. Includes time for questions/answers following by time for public testimony.
Site documents are located through this webpage and at the information center located at the Vancouver Community Library located at 901 C Street (4th floor), Vancouver, or by appointment only at the Camp Bonneville Office (23201 NE Pluss Road) by contacting (360) 566-6993 or

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RAU-3 includes the entire site where unexploded ordnance and munitions are located. Cleanup work has been conducted in phases through the site.

For cleanup purposes, Camp Bonneville has been divided into five remedial action units (RAU). These units are primarily grouped by the nature of the particular release, not by physical boundaries. Click here for information about the site and the RAUs.


Cleanup of RAU-3 is in progress.

  • In 1997, based on initial site investigations and archive searches, the Army determined that military munitions, including unexploded ordnance, are present in several areas throughout RAU-3.
  • A draft Cleanup Action Plan for RAU-3 was finalized by Ecology in 2010 after public review and comment.
  • In 2012, an Amended Prospective Purchaser Consent Decree, including the 2010 Cleanup Action Plan (CAP) for RAU-3, was finalized after public review. The Decree requires cleanup be completed at the entire Camp Bonneville Site.
  • The final 2010 CAP for RAU-3 describes how the remaining munitions cleanup work will be conducted, and includes cleanup plans for each of the RAU-3 Remedial Work Areas. The final CAP also includes information about:
    • Munitions of explosive concern (MEC) and munitions-debris findings to date;
    • Accessibility, reuse, and hazard ranking considerations;
    • Cleanup action evaluation and selection and;
    • Recommended cleanup action(s)
    • Following public review and comment, this CAP was amended in October 2017 to update cleanup needed for Phase 3 CITA.
  • Cleanup will be conducted in four phases; for each phase, draft and final work plans will be developed.




Phase 1

MEC sub-surface clearance to a depth of 14 inches on the Central Valley Floor, associated wetlands and Environmental Study Area.

Completed 2017

Phase 2

MEC surface clearance of demolition areas 1 and 2.

Completed 2017


Phase 3

Completed MEC surface and subsurface clearances at fifteen (15) hard target areas in the Central Impact Target Area (CITA) and firing points.

CAP amended October 2017 after public review to include 100 acres of surface-only MEC removal and regular inspections of the cleared area within the CITA.

Cleanup construction will be completed in early 2019


Phase 4

MEC surface clearance of the Western Slopes Area.

Not completed

  • After cleanup is complete, a final site cleanup action completion report will be submitted to Ecology.


Many of the electronic documents pertaining to this site can be found under the "View Electronic Documents" link located on the right column of the page. Copies of these and other printed documents can be found at the document repository locations listed in the right hand information bar.


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Cleanup Site Details Report

Facility Site ID: # 5125990

Cleanup Site ID: 2216

Proebstel, Clark County

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