New City Cleaners
747 Stevens Dr, Richland, WA 99352


The site has been operating as a dry cleaner since the late 1940s. Stoddard solvent, a flammable petroleum mixture stored in two underground storage tanks (USTs), was used until 1974 when the use of PCE began. PCE, a common chemical used in the dry cleaning process, was delivered in 55-gallon drums and stored on a rack outside onsite.

The Site is currently on Ecology’s Hazardous Sites List with a ranking of “1”.  Sites on the Hazardous Sites List are a priority for Ecology, and have completed a Site Hazard Assessment (SHA).  A SHA provides information about the environmental risk of the Site. Risk is based on the amount of contaminants, how toxic they are, and how easily they can come in contact with people and the environment.  Sites are ranked relative to each other on a scale of “1” to “5”; with a rank of “5” being the lowest.


After the discovery of PCE in groundwater, four underground storage tanks (some containing petroleum products, some containing dry cleaning fluids) were removed from the site in 1992.

During the tank excavation, some soil was also removed and stored on the New City Cleaners property. In 2000, approximately 5,000 tons of contaminated soil was excavated and transported offsite. This was intended to control the source of groundwater contamination. Associated structures (wood storage sheds, landscaping, fences, and asphalt) were also removed, and the excavation was backfilled and compacted with clean fill dirt. Soil was not excavated if it was below the water table or if excavation would threaten the structural integrity of the building or two utility poles.

A pilot study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of bioremediation. Bioremediation commonly uses oxygen to create conditions in the groundwater to help microorganisms that breakdown PCE to grow.

Samples collected since 2000 indicate high levels of PCE and TCE in groundwater remain on both the New City Cleaners property and on other nearby properties.

In April 2009, Ecology entered into an Agreed Order with the former owners to complete a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study and a draft Cleanup Action Plan.

Ecology held a public comment period  from March 23, 2020 through April 22, 2020 for the Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study and received 5 comments and the Responsiveness Summary has been prepared and is available for review.

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Cleanup Site Details Report

Facility Site ID: # 327

Cleanup Site ID: 4894

Richland, Benton County

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Kyle Parker
Site Manager

Rhonda Luke
Public Involvement Coordinator

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