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Budd Inlet (30 publications 1973-2019)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Eyes Over Puget Sound: Surface Conditions Report — September 12, 2019 19-03-075September 2019
Deschutes River, Percival Creek, and Budd Inlet Tributaries Temperature, Fecal Coliform Bacteria, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, and Fine Sediment TMDL: Water Quality Improvement Report and Implementation Plan 15-10-012July 2018
South Puget Sound Regional Background: Final Data Evaluation and Summary Report 18-09-117May 2018
South Puget Sound Regional Background Study Fact Sheet 18-09-116May 2018
East Bay Redevelopment Cleanup Factsheet 17-09-100April 2017
POSTER: Do salinity and temperature in Budd Inlet drive jellyfish mass aggregations? 16-03-037September 2016
Budd Inlet Sediment Dioxin Source Study 16-09-101September 2015
Focus on: Understanding the scientific process used for the Budd Inlet, Capitol Lake, and Deschutes River water cleanup plan 15-03-026September 2015
Deschutes River, Capitol Lake, and Budd Inlet Total Maximum Daily Load Study: Supplemental Modeling Scenarios 15-03-002September 2015
Budd Inlet and Oakland Bay Dioxins and Furans: 2011 Sediment Results 14-03-030September 2014
POSTER: Anthropogenic Dissolved Oxygen Impacts in Budd Inlet: Comparing Influences from a Lake or Estuary 14-03-021May 2014
South Puget Sound Dissolved Oxygen Study: South and Central Puget Sound Water Circulation Model Development and Calibration 14-03-015April 2014
Sediment Quality in South Puget Sound, Changes from 1999 to 2011 14-03-006March 2014
Sediment Quality in Budd Inlet, 2011 14-03-005March 2014
South Puget Sound Dissolved Oxygen Study: Water Quality Model Calibration and Scenarios 14-03-004March 2014
POSTER: 2011 Sediment Quality Assessment of the South Puget Sound Region and Budd Inlet, Including Comparisons with 1999 Regional Conditions 12-03-054November 2012
Puget Sound Dissolved Oxygen Modeling Study: Development of an Intermediate Scale Water Quality Model 12-03-049October 2012
Deschutes River, Capitol Lake, and Budd Inlet Temperature, Fecal Coliform Bacteria, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, and Fine Sediment Total Maximum Daily Load Technical Report: Water Quality Study Findings 12-03-008June 2012
South Puget Sound Dissolved Oxygen Study: Interim Nutrient Load Summary for 2006-2007 11-03-001January 2011
POSTER: South Sound Sediment Quality and Partnership Opportunities for 2011 Sediment Monitoring in South Puget Sound and Budd Inlet 10-03-067November 2010
Quality Assurance Project Plan: South Puget Sound Water Quality Study Phase 2: Dissolved Oxygen 07-03-101August 2007
Verification of 1998 303(d) PCB Listing, Inner Budd Inlet 03-03-016April 2003
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Verification of 1998 303(d) Listing for PCBs in Budd Inlet (Inner) 02-03-085October 2002
Sediment Quality in Puget Sound: Year 3, Southern Puget Sound 02-03-033July 2002
1992 Budd Inlet Seasonal Monitoring Report 94-132July 1994
Cascade Pole site in Budd Inlet: Potential source of PAH; Review of AGI report 88-03-001April 1988
Budd Inlet Fish Kill. 81-e02August 1981
Budd Inlet Survey of August 27, 1975. 75-e61August 1975
Olympia STP, Budd Inlet Dye Survey and Aerial Photographs. 74-e20February 1974
Scoping for July 2, 1973 Budd Inlet Dye Survey. 73-e58June 1973