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Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Natural Background Groundwater Arsenic Concentrations in Washington State: Results of a Study 14-09-044July 2021
Enfoque en: Pruebas de pozos de agua potable en el Lower Yakima Valley 21-03-012ESMay 2021
Fargher Lake Grocery Groundwater Monitoring Results, April and July 2019: Data Summary Report 21-03-006April 2021
Focus on: Kittitas Metering & Pilot Program 20-11-092October 2020
Information for Whatcom & Skagit Counties: Amended Chapter 173-501 WAC (Nooksack) 20-11-080May 2020
Frequently Asked Questions: WRIA 1 Rulemaking Amendment to Chapter 173-501 WAC 19-11-081May 2020
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Sumas-Blaine Surficial Aquifer Long-Term Ambient Groundwater Monitoring 19-03-114November 2019
Well Operator License Written Exam Study Guide 18-11-001November 2019
Focus on: Dungeness Metering & Pilot 19-11-070May 2019
POSTER: Changes in Nitrate-N Concentration in the Sumas-Blaine Aquifer between 1997 and 2018 19-03-006April 2019
Focus on: Well Tagging Requirements 98-1805-WRJanuary 2019
Yakima Railroad Area PCE Contamination: Groundwater Quality Performance Monitoring Data Summary 2017 18-03-027July 2018
Focus on: Department of Ecology's Well Report Internet Site 03-11-012May 2018
Focus on: Continuing Education for Licensed Well Operators WR-98-153January 2018
A Guide to Washington's Well Operator License Program 98-1809-WRJanuary 2018
Sumas-Blaine Aquifer Long-Term Groundwater Quality Monitoring, 2009-2016 17-03-013October 2017
Important Information for Private Well Owners 06-11-021April 2016
Frequently Asked Questions: Dewatering Wells 09-11-009May 2015
Homeowner's Guide to Well Construction swr96-90April 2015
FAQ: Renewing A Washington State Well Operator's License 99-18-19April 2015
Focus on: Complying with Washington Well Drilling Regulations 03-11-010January 2015
Focus on Water Well Data Collection: How to properly collect & document water level data from your well 14-11-004August 2014
FAQ: On-Site Testing for Licensed Well Operators 98-1808-WRApril 2014
Focus on: The Ground Water Permit Exemption F-WR-92-104November 2013
Response to Comments: Proposed Changes for Hanford’s Permit for the 183-H Solar Evaporation Basins, February 19 – April 19, 2013 13-05-011June 2013
Abandoned Wells Problems and Solutions 96-br-097July 2011
Request for Variance: Problems and Solutions 96-br-107July 2010
Surface Seals - Problems and Solutions 96-br-099July 2010
Well Caps: Problems and Solutions 96-br-098July 2010
Frequently Asked Questions: Resource Protection Wells 09-11-011April 2009
Frequently Asked Questions: Ground source heat pump boring 09-11-010April 2009
Concise Explanatory Statement and Responsiveness Summary for the Adoption of Amendments to Chapter 173-160 WAC, Minimum Standards for the Construction and Maintenance of Wells 08-11-055December 2008
Final Evaluation of Probable Benefits and Costs Amendment of Chapter 173-160 WAC: Minimum Standards for Construction and Maintenance of Wells 08-11-052December 2008
Rule Adoption Notice: Chapter 173-160, Minimum Standards for Construction and Maintenance of Wells 08-11-051December 2008
Rule Proposal Notice: Minimum Standards for Construction and Maintenance of Wells, Chapter 173-160 WAC 08-11-036August 2008
Frequently Asked Questions about: Well Drilling Fees 98-1807-WRApril 2008
2006 Report to the Legislature: Cluster Residential Development, Ground Water Withdrawal Exemption, Whitman County Pilot Project 06-11-049December 2006
FAQ: Replacement Wells Requiring a Water Right 04-11-014February 2006
Brochure: Seawater Intrusion in Washington 02-11-018December 2002
Quality of Ground Water in Private Wells in the Lower Yakima Valley, 2001-02 02-10-074December 2002
Sumas-Blaine Surficial Aquifer Nitrate Characterization 98-310May 1998
Yelm Groundwater Baseline Sampling 98-301January 1998
Buck Mountain DNR Mineral Well. 83-e34August 1983
Geology and Water Resources of Klickitat County WSB 50January 1979
Computer Simulation and Geohydrology of a Basalt Aquifer System in the Pullman-Moscow Basin, Washington and Idaho WSB 48January 1979
Water in the Skagit River Basin, Washington WSB 47January 1978
Geology and water resources of the San Juan Islands, San Juan County, Washington WSB 46January 1975
Water in the Palouse River Basin, Washington WSB 39January 1975
Water in the Methow River Basin, Washington WSB 38January 1974
Water in the Okanogan River Basin, Washington WSB 34January 1974
Hydrology of basalt aquifers and depletion of ground water in east-central Washington WSB 33January 1974
Appraisal of ground-water availability and management projections, Walla Walla River Basin, Washington and Oregon WSB 37January 1973
Availability of ground water in western Cowlitz County, Washington WSB 35January 1970
Geology and Related Ground-water Occurrence, Southeastern Mason County, Washington WSB 29January 1970
Geology and ground-water resources of southwestern King County, Washington WSB 28January 1969
Reconnaissance of geology and of ground-water occurrence in Whitman County, Washington WSB 26January 1969
Ground-Water Survey, Odessa-Lind Area, Washington WSB 36January 1968
Ground-water withdrawal in the Odessa area, Adams, Grant, and Lincoln Counties, Washington WSB 31January 1968
Preliminary investigation of the geology and ground-water resources of the lower Chehalis River Valley and adjacent areas, Grays Harbor County, Washington WSB 30January 1966
Flowing artesian wells in Washington State WSB 16January 1961
A Preliminary report on the geology and ground-water resources of the Sequim - Dungeness area, Clallam County, Washington WSB 11January 1960
Artificial recharge of a well tapping basalt aquifers, Walla Walla area, Washington WSB 07January 1960