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Last updated January 22, 2019

Ecology and the Army are negotiating a legal agreement, called an Agreed Order. The Agreed Order outlines the steps needed to clean up contamination at the Yakima Training Center. Later this year, we will hold a public comment period on the final draft Agreed Order. 


The Yakima Training Center (YTC) is a sub-installation of Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) and is located approximately 100 air miles east of JBLM and is about 10 miles north of the city of Yakima. It encompasses 327,231 acres within Yakima and Kittitas Counties in central Washington State. The YTC population is predominantly transient soldiers performing maneuvers and weapons training with a few permanent residents and on-site workers.

The YTC has been in use for military training since 1941. The Center houses several military or federal government tenants, including the State of Washington Army National Guard Materials and Training Equipment Site, the Marine and Army Reserve Centers, and the Yakima Research Station.

The United States Army is and has been the owner, and JBLM is and has been the operator of the Dangerous Waste Management Facility at the Yakima Training Center since 1941. 


Since 1980, the Army has owned and operated Yakima Training Center as a Dangerous Waste Management Facility. Although the Yakima Training Center has been in nearly continuous use since the early 1940s, there are few records of waste management practices prior to 1984. Available data indicate that potentially hazardous wastes had been generated at the Center in the past. The environmental problems to be addressed include various releases of hazardous substances from all historical military and maintenance operations at the Center including, but not limited to, the use of petroleum-based fuels, solvents, lead-acid batteries, and ordnance, explosives, and other pyrotechnics.


A 1995 Facility Assessment report identified 115 known or potentially contaminated areas within YTC. About a dozen more sites have been discovered and investigated since that time.   As of 2013, all the sites have been investigated and cleanup is nearly complete.  The investigation and cleanup of the sites is summarized in a Draft RCRA Corrective Action Completion Report

Twenty-one sites do not currently meet soil and/or groundwater cleanup standards.  


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Facility Site ID: # 105

Cleanup Site ID: 2301

Yakima, Yakima County

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