Olympic View Sanitary Landfill
10015 SW Barney White Rd, Port Orchard, WA 98367


Ecology invites you to review and comment on the Draft Periodic Review and Draft Cleanup Action Plan (CAP) Addendum for the Olympic View Sanitary Landfill (Site) located at 10015 SW Barney White Road in Port Orchard, Washington, Kitsap County.

A Periodic Review is conducted every five years after a cleanup action when institutional controls are used as part of the remedy as required by the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA). The purpose of the periodic review is to evaluate current Site conditions and ensure continued protection of human health and the environment.

Since evaluation of Site cleanup levels are reevaluated during the Periodic Review process, Ecology recommended that Waste Management of Washington, Inc. (WMW), the Site owner and operator, evaluate and calculate natural background concentrations of total arsenic, iron, and manganese in regional groundwater. The Draft CAP Addendum incorporates the proposed natural background concentrations as revised groundwater cleanup levels for arsenic, iron, and manganese, as allowed under WAC 173-340-720(7)(c).



​The 2021 Draft Periodic Review and Draft CAP Addendum concluded:


  • The cleanup actions completed at the Site appear to be protective of human health and the environment; although ongoing natural attenuation processes have not achieved cleanup standards at this point. The source control measures and natural attenuation processes have been effective for the volatile organic compound indicator hazardous substances.
  • WMW calculated natural background concentrations of total arsenic, iron, and manganese in regional groundwater. The calculated natural background concentrations are 4.27 µg/L arsenic, 1,900 µg/L iron, and 730 µg/L manganese. Ecology recommended and KPHD granted using the natural background concentrations as groundwater quality standards for the landfill, as allowed under WAC 173-200-050(b)(ii). Similarly, the groundwater cleanup levels developed under MTCA should be no more stringent than natural background concentrations, as allowed under WAC 173-340-720(7)(c). Ecology recommends using this CAP Addendum to incorporate the natural background concentrations as revised groundwater cleanup levels for total arsenic, iron, and manganese.
  • The Site is subject to environmental covenants with restrictions for landfill closure, landfill post-closure care, and corrective action. WMW recorded two environmental covenants in 2011 for different parcels that meet the requirements for municipal solid waste landfills under WAC 173-351 and for MTCA cleanups under WAC 173-340. The environmental covenants are protective of human health and the environment. 


Additional details can be found in the 2021 Draft Periodic Review  and Draft CAP Addendum.


Ecology will review comments received during the comment period and make recommendations for suggested changes. The Draft Periodic Review and Draft CAP Addendum will become final if no significant changes are made. An additional public comment period will be held if significant changes are made based on the comments received. The next review for the Site will be scheduled five years from the date of this periodic review. 

Submit your comments on-line at https://swm.ecology.commentinput.com/?id=hZpfW.

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The Olympic View Sanitary Landfill (OVSL) Site is located at 10015 SW Barney White Road in Port Orchard, Washington, within the Olympic View Industrial Park Complex. WMW owns eleven adjoining parcels totaling 454.15 acres, and the approximate 65-acre MSW landfill is located on three of those parcels. The landfill operated as a municipal sanitary landfill between 1963 and 2002. The landfill consists of three adjoining areas:

  • The approximate 20-acre Old Barney White Landfill (OWBL) was constructed before the implementation of WAC 173-301 (the state’s first solid waste regulation) in 1972 and closed before its repeal in 1985 and has no bottom liner but was closed with a final cover system in 1993 compliant with WAC 173-304 (Minimum Functional Standards for Solid Waste Handling). 
  • The approximate 25-acre Phase I Landfill area, located adjacent to the east side of the OBWL consists of:
  • Phase I Stage A (consists of a bottom liner that was not constructed to meet bottom liner requirements in WAC 173-304 because the area was already constructed and filled before these requirements were implemented on November 27, 1985.
  • Phase I Stage B and Phase I Stage C were designed and constructed with a bottom liner system that met the requirements of WAC 173-304-460. 
  • The approximate 20-acre Phase II Landfill area, located adjacent to the north side of Phase I, includes a bottom liner system designed and constructed to meet the requirements of WAC 173-351 (Criteria for MSW Landfills). 


Concurrent with the closure of the disposal areas at the Site in 2002, WMW constructed a solid waste transfer station near the landfill to allow for continued service for south Kitsap County residents. The current land uses around the Site include industrial activities (e.g., the waste transfer station) to the north and east, recreational uses to the south, and residential uses to the west.


Since 1975, the landfill has operated under solid waste regulations and has both unlined and lined cells. The landfill closed in 2003. Kitsap Public Health District permits WMW to perform post-closure care at OVSL in accordance with WAC 173-351 and Kitsap County Board of Health Ordinance 2010-1. Post-closure care includes continued operation and maintenance of the existing landfill source control and containment systems and environmental monitoring programs.

WMW entered into Agreed Order No. DE 00SWFAPNR-1729 with the Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) on January 31, 2000 to address the release of certain products of solid waste decomposition into the environment in accordance with Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) regulations in WAC 173-340. This agreed order required WMW to prepare a Remedial Investigation (RI) and Feasibility Study (FS) pursuant to MTCA for the Site. WMW completed interim actions to improve the landfill containment system and completed the RI/FS in October 2010. 


WMW entered into Agreed Order No. DE 8462 with Ecology on June 9, 2011. This agreed order requires WMW to implement the Cleanup Action Plan (CAP) (Ecology, 2010). The first Periodic Review was completed by Ecology in 2017.


Existing source control and containment systems include:


  • Geomembrane cap over the Phase I and II landfill cells and Old Barney White Landfill (OBWL) to reduce precipitation infiltration and resulting leachate generation.
  • Stormwater runoff diversion and control structures to reduce precipitation infiltration and leachate generation. 
  • Geomembrane liner beneath Phases I and II (excluding Phase I, Stage A) to contain leachate. 
  • Leachate collection system from the Phase I and II Landfill cells. 
  • OBWL toe drain leachate collection system. 
  • Leachate treatment and disposal system. 
  • Landfill gas extraction and treatment system for Phase I, Phase II, and OBWL.


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