Go East Corp Landfill
4330 108th St SE, Everett, WA 98208

The site is near 4330 108th Street SE, in unincorporated Snohomish County in the Silver Lake neighborhood south of Everett. See pictures of landfill construction on our flickr account.

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The Agreed Order requires P&GE to perform investigation activities under the state cleanup law, the Model Toxics Control Act. 

  • The Interim Action Completion Report is available. This report documents confirmation soil sampling performed during the excavation of the wedge area along the periphery of the original landfill. The report also describes confirmation soil sampling of imported fill material, the pre-construction sampling results (Appendix A), soil disposal documentation (Appendix C), asbestos-containing material documentation (Appendix D), an asbestos inspection summary for the excavated landfill material (Appendix E), and the lot exploration plan execution memorandum (Appendix F). The reconnaissance of the northeast landfill slope will be reported in an addendum.  
  • The Remediation Investigation Work Plan is available. Remedial investigation sampling activities commenced in July 2021.

Mudslide Map
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A mudslide occurred on northeastern portion of the Go East Corp. Landfill property on Sept. 17 and 18, 2021. The mudslide swept an estimated 500 to 700 cubic yards of imported clean soil downslope beyond the toe of the landfill. The incident occurred while crews constructed a planned access path to the toe of the landfill slope.

The mudslide occurred after clean fill material placed on the steep slope mobilized due to groundwater seepage and stormwater intrusion. The mudslide originated beyond the landfill boundary and deposited fill material beneath and beyond the toe of the landfill. Landfill material has not been observed in the mudslide. The mudflow extends across a wetland and to a stream on properties north and east of the property. The mudslide flowed across land owned by the 108th Street Point Homeowners Association, the Pinehurst at Waldenwood Homeowners Association, and the easement corridor for the Olympic Pipe Line Co.

A stable access path has now been constructed to the toe of the landfill to allow completion of the landfill closure activities.

P&GE (property owner) is working with Snohomish County Planning and Development Services to ensure the slope stability and permit modified development plans for stormwater drainage. P&GE is also working with Ecology’s Shorelands and Environmental Assistance Program to assess and mitigate damages to wetland resources. P&GE is responsible to communicating and coordinating activities with adjoining property owners.


The 40.9-acre Property sits atop the Vashon advance outwash sand formation, which outcrops where steep slopes are present on the east side of the Property. The Vashon advance outwash sand formation is underlain by low-permeability silt deposits referred to as the pre-Vashon lacustrine silt unit. The pre-Vashon lacustrine silt unit is estimated to be at least 110 feet thick beneath the Property.

In 1969, a conditional use permit was issued for sand excavation. Sand was excavated from a ravine on the northern part of the Property and used as construction fill for nearby construction projects. 

Rekoway, Inc. purchased the Property on February 1, 1972 and operated the landfill until 1980. Rekoway obtained a 10-year conditional-use permit from Snohomish County on March 8, 1972 to excavate sand and gravel and to operate a landfill by reclaiming the excavation area with solid waste. The permit authorized the disposal of “wood, mineral, and concrete solid materials, but not garbage or putrescibles.” In 1974-75, Rekoway was approved to accept “tires and bulk packaging material such as cardboard, pallets, large parcel wrappings, shredded paper, and warehousing waste material.” 

In 1974, Rekoway accepted approximately 200 cubic yards of baghouse dust containing magnesium, phosphate, and aluminum dust into the landfill. A fire resulted from the oxidation of the buried metal dusts. The material was excavated, spread on the ground, and extinguished, and thereafter covered with soil. Partially burned trees and stumps caused a landfill fire in November 1976 that persisted through 1979. Snohomish Health District suspended the landfill permit in November 1977.

Go East Corporation conditionally purchased the Property in 1979 and requested reinstatement of the landfill permit to allow additional filling to level the landfill area for future development. Snohomish Health District issued a permit to operate a wood waste landfill on November 2, 1979. The permit expired on September 18, 1982. Go East Corporation stopped accepting waste in the summer of 1983 when Snohomish County issued a stop work order. Another landfill fire began in October 1983 and burned out by January 1986.

Snohomish Health District prepared a Site Hazard Assessment under the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) on May 14, 2004. The assessment recommended that the future residential development of the Property include and implement a landfill closure plan as proposed in 1999. Subsequently, Snohomish Health District issued a No Further Action letter on June 1, 2004 with confirmation from Ecology.

P&GE acquired the Property from Go East Corporation in May 2009.

Ecology prepared an initial investigation field report on June 13, 2019 based on available information. The report indicates that metals (commonly associated with anaerobic reducing conditions) were detected at concentrations exceeding MTCA cleanup levels in three groundwater samples collected from monitoring wells in 2009. The report also indicates that elevated concentrations of metals were detected in surface water samples collected from a stream that originates at the base of the landfill’s northeastern slope. Additionally, the report refers to the alleged observation of partially buried drums by a third party, although this finding has not been confirmed by follow-up investigations. Based on information presented in the initial investigation field report, Ecology rescinded the 2004 No Further Action letter on June 18, 2019 and issued an Early Notice Letter on September 9, 2019. The Site is listed on Ecology’s Confirmed and Suspected Contaminated Sites List.

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P&GE plans to redevelop the Property by consolidating and closing the landfill under current regulatory standards, and then developing the Bakerview Plat Subdivision on portions of the property that are beyond the final landfill boundary.


Snohomish Health District 

Snohomish Health District issued a landfill permit for the closure of the Go East Corp Landfill in accordance with Chapter 173-350-400 of the Washington Administrative Code. The Health District’s approval of the Go East Landfill Closure Plan was affirmed by the state Pollution Control Hearings Board. Ecology’s Solid Waste Management Program supports the Health District but is not the regulatory agency for the landfill permit. 

Snohomish County Planning and Development Services 

Snohomish County Planning and Development Services issued a land disturbing activity permit for the initial rough grading (including landfill closure activities), and will issue a second land disturbing activity permit for plat development.

Jared Anderson (425-231-8111) is the site inspector for the County.

Washington State Department of Ecology

Ecology’s Water Quality Program grants a Construction Stormwater General Permit from our Water Quality Program. Ecology maintains Bakerview Everett stormwater permit documents on separate website.   

Ecology’s Solid Waste Management Program oversees cleanup of the site under the Model Toxics Control Act.

Ecology’s Shorelands and Environmental Assistance program works to ensure the protection of wetland resources.


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