Document Repository for US ARMY Camp Bonneville RAU-2C
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Group: Legal

 2004 Camp Bonneville Enforcement Order with Army02/04/2003Enforcement OrderShow
 First Amendment to Camp Bonneville Enforcement Order for RAU - 306/16/2004Enforcement Order AmendmentShow
 Camp Bonneville Prospective Purchaser Consent Decree10/13/2006Consent DecreeShow
 Proposed Amended Prospective Purchaser Consent Decree October 201110/13/2011Consent DecreeShow

Group: Map

 Camp Bonneville Exhibit A10/13/2006MapShow
 Camp Bonneville Regional Location10/13/2006MapShow

Group: Public Information

 2003 Camp Bonneville Fact Sheet Enforcement Order for the Army02/01/2003Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow
 Camp Bonneville Fact Sheet Enforcement Order for the Army04/01/2003Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow
 Camp Bonneville Environmental Cleanup Notice for Public Comment03/27/2004Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow
 What is Camp Bonneville?04/01/2004Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow
 Camp Bonneville Fact Sheet Public comment sought on Interim Action Work Plan, SEPA Determination, and a Cleanup Action Plan04/01/2007Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow
 Final Public Participation Plan October 200710/08/2007Public Participation PlanShow
 2009 Camp Bonneville Military Reservation Cleanup04/30/2009Focus SheetShow
 Camp Bonneville Updated Public Participation Plan September 201110/10/2011Public Participation PlanShow
 Fact Sheet Final October 201110/11/2011Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow
 2019 Camp Bonneville Military Reservation Cleanup02/04/2019Focus SheetShow

Group: Technical Reports

 Camp Bonneville Final Corrective Action Work Plan For Interim Cleanup Action Landfill 4/Demolition Area 1 RAU - 2C04/01/2004Site Specific Technical Document - otherShow
 2006 Camp Bonneville Response to Public Comment for PPCD09/27/2006Site Specific Technical Document - otherShow