Aluminum Recycling Trentwood
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Draft cleanup plan and enforcement order

Ecology seeks your input on the draft cleanup action plan, enforcement order, scope of work and schedule, and revised feasibility study for the Aluminum Recycling Trentwood site.

In the draft cleanup action plan, Ecology is proposing that Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR), the site owner, dispose stockpiled aluminum-processing byproducts and contaminated soil at a permitted landfill and cap remaining contaminated soil. The draft State Environmental Policy Act documents related to the cleanup will be available for public review when the engineering documents are ready.

The enforcement order is a legal document requiring Union Pacific Railroad, the site owner, to complete the cleanup. Ecology and UPRR could not reach an agreement during the agreed order negotiations, so we are issuing an enforcement order. The order includes a scope of work and schedule for completing the cleanup.

In 2012, we held a public comment period for the draft remedial investigation and feasibility study; however, the feasibility study was later revised after another cleanup option was added, so we are putting that out again.

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Submit comments online, by email or mail by 7/9 to:
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Next steps
Ecology will respond to all the comments we receive by July 9, 2021, and publish our responses after the comment period ends. We will hold an online public meeting if 10 people request it.

Then, after we consider public input, the draft cleanup action plan and other documents will become final. If we significantly revise the plan in response to public comments, another draft version would go out for public review. If not, Ecology will order UPRR to complete final cleanup following the plan, scope of work, and schedule.

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The Aluminum Recycling Trentwood site is across the Spokane River from the Spokane Valley Mall. The site is owned by Union Pacific Railroad, and they are responsible for site cleanup along with Pentzer Venture Holdings II Inc., an industrial tenant leasing the property.

Beginning in 1979, the site was used to process and store aluminum materials. Primary and secondary are the two types of aluminum processing. Primary processing puts bauxite ore through a multi-phase process to create aluminum. The byproduct is white dross. Secondary processing uses scrap aluminum and/or white dross to create aluminum by adding sodium and potassium chloride salts. The byproduct is black dross. Dross can be used in the production of aluminum sulfate, which also produces a solid byproduct.

One pile of dross material was removed from the site in approximately 1986. The other stockpile remains on-site and mostly contains aluminum sulfate and mineral oxides from aluminum sulfate production that occurred after 1986. The material in the stockpile is estimated at 57,000 cubic yards and covers nearly 4 acres.


White dross contains high aluminum content, and black dross contains high levels of chloridefluoride and nitrate.


In 2009, Ecology signed an Agreed Order with the Union Pacific Railroad to document the extent and locations of dross contamination (remedial investigation) and evaluate cleanup options (feasibility study) at the Aluminum Recycling Trentwood site.   

Union Pacific Railroad conducted a Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study at the Aluminum Recycling Trentwood site. Ecology held a public comment period for the reports in 2012 and published our responses to comments.

In 2017, Union Pacific Railroad proposed to excavate approximately 360 cubic yards of the mixed waste stockpile to test its use in a recycling process. Ecology held a public comment period for the State Environmental Policy Act checklist we used to determine whether a cleanup action will have negative effects on people or the environment and our Determination of Non-Significance. We didn't receive any comments.

To facilitate a property sale that will allow land to be developed by the community, dross that eroded onto neighboring properties was excavated in spring 2020 and placed back on the large pile. 


Map showing site location as Spokane County, WA SITE INFORMATION


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Cleanup Site Details Report

Facility Site ID: # 628

Cleanup Site ID: 1081

Spokane Valley, Spokane County

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Comment Period:
JUNE 09, 2021 - JULY 09, 2021

Sandra Treccani
Site Manager

Erika Beresovoy
Public Involvement Coordinator

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