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Ecology invites you to review and comment on a periodic review report for the Cap Sante Marine site. When contamination remains on a site after cleanup work is complete, we review the elements of the cleanup that protect people and the environment from exposure. These reviews take place approximately every five years, to make sure those elements remain effective. For this site, an environmental covenant is in place that lists several requirements including a thick cap over contaminated soil and regular groundwater testing.

This periodic review found that the requirements of the covenant are being followed and the caps had not been damaged. No additional cleanup actions are required at this time. The next review for the site will be scheduled five years from the date of this periodic review.

Ecology will review comments received during the comment period and make recommendations for suggested changes. The periodic review will become final if no significant changes are made.

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Interim Action Cleanup
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The Cap Sante Marine site was acquired by the Port of Anacortes (Port) in 1956 and operated as a boat yard, marina support area, and offshore fueling facility. From the late  1970s to 2007, Cap Sante Marine, Ltd. occupied the northern portion of the site and continued to supply marine services. In the early 1980s, fuel was observed seeping from an underground storage tank (UST) into the waters of Fidalgo Bay next to the site. Fuel was recovered and the seepage was stopped. In 1985, the Port replaced the then-existing USTs with new tanks; however, petroleum contaminated soils were not removed. In 2004 and 2005, the Port further inspected the degree of the site contamination. Findings revealed that a fan-shaped contaminated area around the former USTs was impacting soil and groundwater. In 2007, USTs, supply lines, and 9,888 cubic yards of contaminated soil were removed during a partial cleanup called an Interim Action.

Currently there are two areas where isolated contaminated soil remains, approximately 1,100 cubic yards in the Cap Sante Lease Area and 700 cubic yards in the Fisherman’s Work Area and Parking Lot of the site.


Cleanup was completed for this site in 2014, after an environmental covenant was established that listed several requirements to prevent exposure to the contamination that remains on site.

Those requirements include:

· Restricting future development and controlling future soil disturbance where contamination remains by establishing environmental covenants for the site.

· Containing contaminated soil with a cap of gravel and plantings for the Marine Lease Area and asphalt for the Fisherman’s Work Area.

· Monitoring groundwater wells regularly to assess the performance of the cleanup.

According to the covenant, any accidental damage to these systems must be reported to Ecology, and planned work that could compromise their integrity must be approved by Ecology.

Periodic reviews are required for this site to be sure these measures are effective at preventing people and the environment from being exposed to the remaining contamination. We will review the conditions of the environmental covenant and the physical condition of the site every five years to ensure the cleanup work remains effective.


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Cleanup Site Details Report

Facility Site ID: # 67532227

Cleanup Site ID: 1678

Anacortes, Skagit County

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FEBRUARY 25, 2021 - MARCH 29, 2021

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