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River and Stream Science (38 publications 2003-2021)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Testing the Use of Biofilms to Measure PFAS in the South Fork Palouse River 21-03-116September 2021
Quality Assurance Monitoring Plan: Statewide River and Stream Ambient Water Quality Monitoring 21-03-109August 2021
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Lower Snohomish River Tributaries Fecal Coliform Bacteria Effectiveness Monitoring 21-03-107May 2021
Focus on: Watershed Health Monitoring 2021 21-03-004March 2021
Walla Walla River Basin Bacteria, pH, and Dissolved Oxygen Total Maximum Daily Load: Water Quality Effectiveness Monitoring Report 21-03-001January 2021
Burnt Bridge Creek Watershed Fecal Coliform Bacteria, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, and pH: Source Assessment 20-03-016October 2020
Whatcom Creek Fecal Coliform Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Load: Technical Report 20-03-015September 2020
Wide Hollow Creek Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, and pH Water Quality Study for Aquatic Life, 2013-2014 20-03-007July 2020
Tekoa Wastewater Treatment Plant Dissolved Oxygen, pH, and Nutrients Receiving Water Study 20-03-006May 2020
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Freshwater Fish Contaminant Monitoring Program 20-03-106April 2020
Addendum to Quality Assurance Project Plan for Measuring PCBs in Biofilm, Sediment, and Invertebrates in the Spokane River: Screening Study 20-03-103March 2020
Eastern Padilla Bay Tributaries Fecal Coliform Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Load: Water Quality Study Findings 20-03-001February 2020
Standard Operating Procedure EAP033, Version 2.2: Hydrolab®, DataSonde®, MiniSonde®, and HL4 Multiprobes 20-03-201January 2020
Standard Operating Procedure EAP130, Version 1.0: Short-term Continuous Data Collection with a Multiparameter Sonde, Part 2: Data Processing 19-03-230December 2019
Standard Operating Procedure EAP129, Version 1.0: Short-term Continuous Data Collection with a Multiparameter Sonde, Part 1: Field Procedures 19-03-229December 2019
Standard Operating Procedure EAP109, Version 1.1: Watershed Health Monitoring: Estimating Stream Discharge (Narrow Protocol) 19-03-226December 2019
Focus on: Puget Sound Streams Survey 2020 19-03-022December 2019
Measuring Lead in Suspended Particulate Matter from Washington State Rivers and Streams: 2016 Results 19-03-020December 2019
Eyes Over Puget Sound: Surface Conditions Report — October 30, 2019 19-03-076November 2019
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Upper Yakima River Basin Water Quality Monitoring for Aquatic Life Parameters: Water Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, and pH 19-03-112September 2019
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Non-Targeted Screening of Toxic Organics in Fish Tissue 19-03-111September 2019
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Assessing Sources of Toxic Chemicals Impacting Juvenile Chinook Salmon 19-03-110August 2019
Standard Operating Procedure EAP019, Version 1.2: Estimating Stream Flows Using a Flume 19-03-223July 2019
Standard Operating Procedure EAP073, Version 2.3: Minimum Requirements for the Collection of Freshwater Benthic Macroinvertebrates in Streams and Rivers 19-03-211April 2019
Standard Operating Procedure EAP111, Version 1.14: Periphyton Sampling, Processing, and Identification in Streams and Rivers 19-03-207February 2019
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Statewide Survey of Per- and Poly-fluoroalkyl Substances in Washington State Rivers and Lakes 16-03-110April 2016
Yakima River Preliminary Assessment of Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, and pH 16-03-048February 2016
Measuring Mercury Trends in Freshwater Fish in Washington State, 2010 Sampling Results 11-03-053October 2011
Mercury and Copper Levels in Leach Creek (Pierce County) During 2009-2010 11-03-014May 2011
Mercury Levels in Gold Mining Reaches on Seven Washington Rivers and Creeks 11-03-003January 2011
Land-Use Effects on Export and Retention of Mercury in the Lake Ozette Watershed 10-03-059November 2010
Perfluorinated Compounds in Washington Rivers and Lakes 10-03-034August 2010
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Lake Ozette Watershed PBT Monitoring: Speciated Mercury in Stream Surface Waters 09-03-129October 2009
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Leach Creek (Pierce County) Mercury and Copper Monitoring. 09-03-128September 2009
Dobbs Creek Water Quality Monitoring for Fecal Coliform Bacteria 09-10-051June 2009
Data Summary: Stillaguamish River Watershed Fecal Coliform, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Mercury, and Arsenic Total Maximum Daily Load Study 04-03-037August 2004
Frequently Asked Questions about Mercury in Bass 03-03-037June 2003
Focus on Mercury in Fish: Study finds elevated levels in Washington fish 03-03-036June 2003