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Aquatic Plants and Animals (72 publications 1986-2021)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Planning for flood risks 21-06-004February 2021
Focus on: Office of Chehalis Basin re appropriations 21-06-001February 2021
Section 401 Water Quality Certifications 20-06-014October 2020
Focus on: Waters of the United States 20-06-006October 2020
Wide Hollow Creek Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, and pH Water Quality Study for Aquatic Life, 2013-2014 20-03-007July 2020
Focus on: Puget Sound Streams Survey 2020 19-03-022December 2019
Chehalis Basin Strategy Aquatic Species Restoration Plan - Phase 1 document 19-06-009November 2019
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Upper Yakima River Basin Water Quality Monitoring for Aquatic Life Parameters: Water Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, and pH 19-03-112September 2019
The Prevalence of Cyanobacteria: A historical perspective from lake sediment 19-03-011June 2019
POSTER: Monitoring temperature and chlorophyll a to explore the survival potential of Pacific herring larvae in Puget Sound 19-03-007May 2019
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Characterization of Metals in Sediment from the Lucerne Basin of Lake Chelan 19-03-105April 2019
Addendum to Quality Assurance Project Plan: Environmental Effects-Based Concentrations for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in Marine Water and Freshwater 19-03-104April 2019
Eyes Over Puget Sound: Surface Conditions Report — March 26, 2019 19-03-072April 2019
Concentrations of Fresh Gasoline and Diesel Range Organics Predicted to be Protective of Aquatic Receptors in Surface Waters (Draft Implementation Memo No. 23) 19-09-043March 2019
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Measuring PCBs in Biofilm, Sediment, and Invertebrates in the Spokane River: Screening Study 19-03-103March 2019
Puget Sound Nutrient Source Reduction Project. Volume 1: Model Updates and Bounding Scenarios 19-03-001January 2019
Focus on: Saving the Southern Resident Orca 19-01-001January 2019
Standard Operating Procedure EAP107, Version 1.0: Measuring Transect Coordinates with a Global Positioning System (GPS) 18-03-230December 2018
Focus on: Watershed Health Monitoring 2019 18-03-034December 2018
Standard Operating Procedure EAP124, Version 1.4: Vertebrate Assemblage Sampling 18-03-228November 2018
Standard Operating Procedure EAP106, Version 1.8: Standard Operating Procedures for Verification and Layout of Sites (Narrow Protocol) 18-03-226August 2018
POSTER: How did a large-scale climate anomaly impact phytoplankton blooms in Puget Sound in 2015? 18-03-028July 2018
Standard Operating Procedure EAP119, Version 1.3: Standard Operating Procedure for Thalweg Profiling 18-03-223June 2018
Standard Operating Procedure EAP117, Version 1.2: Standard Operating Procedure for Assessing Riparian Vegetation Structure 18-03-222June 2018
Standard Operating Procedure EAP116, Version 1.3: Standard Operating Procedure for Estimating Fish Cover 18-03-221June 2018
POSTER: Spatial Distribution of Benthic Macroinvertebrate Biomass in Puget Sound – Establishing a Baseline 18-03-020May 2018
POSTER: Using ferry monitoring data to explore the importance of isotherms on the winter survival of Northern anchovy in Puget Sound 18-03-017April 2018
POSTER: Copper in Puget Sound Marinas: the role of antifouling paint 18-03-016April 2018
Standard Operating Procedure EAP070, Version 2.2: Minimize the Spread of Invasive Species 18-03-201March 2018
Quality Assurance Monitoring Plan: The Puget Sound Sediment Monitoring Program 18-03-109March 2018
QAPP Addendum: Soos Creek Bioassessment TMDL Modeling and Analysis 18-03-106February 2018
Sediment Quality in Puget Sound, 1989-2015 18-03-006February 2018
Sediment Quality in Puget Sound: Changes in chemical contaminants and invertebrate communities at 10 sentinel stations, 1989–2015 18-03-005February 2018
Sediment Quality in Puget Sound: Changes in chemistry, toxicity, and benthic invertebrates at multiple geographic scales, 1989–2015 18-03-004February 2018
Environmental Effects-Based Concentrations for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH): Toxicity in Marine Water and Freshwater 18-03-002February 2018
Focus on: Stream surveys in the Northeast Washington region during 2018 17-03-030December 2017
Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the State of Washington Aquatic Plant and Algae Management 17-10-020August 2017
2016 Columbia River Instream Atlas 16-12-006December 2016
POSTER: Do salinity and temperature in Budd Inlet drive jellyfish mass aggregations? 16-03-037September 2016
Bacteria Study Digs Up Concerns for Shellfish Harvest Areas along North Pacific Coast Beaches 16-03-024June 2016
Focus on Environmental Monitoring: 2016 Stream Surveys in the Snake River Region 16-03-004January 2016
Evaluating Physical Habitat and Water Chemistry Data from Statewide Stream Monitoring Programs to Establish Least-Impacted Conditions in Washington State 15-03-011April 2015
Focus on Water Quality: Control of burrowing shrimp on shellfish beds in Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor 14-10-009April 2015
Wetlands Identification-Call Before you Fill Flyer (Central Region) 15-06-010March 2015
Wetlands Identification - Call Before you Fill Flyer (Eastern Region) 15-06-005March 2015
Focus on Water Quality: Control of non-native eelgrass (Zostera japonica) on commercial shellfish beds in Willapa Bay 14-10-010January 2014
Dictionary of Metrics for Physical Habitat: Definitions and Calculations Used for Watershed Health Monitoring and Related Studies 13-03-033October 2013
Spatial Trends and Factors Affecting Mercury Bioaccumulation in Freshwater Fishes of Washington State, USA. Article in Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. 13-03-027June 2013
Squalicum Creek and Soos Creek: Bioassessment Monitoring and Analysis to Support Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Development 13-03-017April 2013
A study of Eurasian watermilfoil, macroinvertebrates and fish in a Washington lake. Article in Journal of Aquatic Plant Management 49:71-82 (2011). 12-03-017February 2012
Mercury Levels in Gold Mining Reaches on Seven Washington Rivers and Creeks 11-03-003January 2011
Urban Waters Initiative, 2007: Sediment Quality Changes in Elliott Bay since 1998 (Summary) 09-03-031September 2009
Effect of Fluridone on Macrophytes and Fish in a Coastal Washington Lake. Article in the Journal of Aquatic Plant Management. 09-03-033May 2009
POSTER: The Sediment Quality Triad Index: An Indicator for Puget Sound & A Baseline (1997-2003) Update 09-03-024May 2009
The Impact of Diquat on Macrophytes and Water Quality in Battle Ground Lake, Washington. Article in the Journal of Aquatic Plant Management, 45:35-39. 07-03-020April 2007
Native Plants for Aquatic Gardens and Aquariums: A guide for using plants native to the Northwestern U.S. in decorative ponds and aquariums 06-03-004January 2006
Focus on Aquatic Permits 05-10-048April 2005
The impact of endothall on the aquatic plant community of Kress Lake, Washington. Journal of Aquatic Plant Management 42: 109-114. 04-03-057July 2004
Focus on Mercury in Fish: Study finds elevated levels in Washington fish 03-03-036June 2003
Total Mercury Concentrations among Fish and Crayfish Inhabiting Different Trophic Levels in Lake Whatcom, Washington. Article in Journal of Freshwater Ecology, Volume 71, Number 4, p. 621-633, December 2002. 03-03-008February 2003
Inorganic Arsenic Levels in Puget Sound Fish and Shellfish from 303(d) Listed Waterbodies and Other Areas 02-03-057December 2002
The Use of 2,4-D for Selective Control of an Early Infestation of Eurasian Watermilfoil in Loon Lake, Washington. Article in Journal of Aquatic Plant Management. 39: 117-125. 01-03-047December 2001
Benthic Macroinvertebrate Biological Monitoring Protocols for Rivers and Streams: 2001 Revision 01-03-028September 2001
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Sampling to Verify 303(d) Listings for Chemical Contaminants in Shellfish Tissue from Dyes Inlet and Port Washington Narrows 01-03-069August 2001
An Aquatic Plant Identification Manual for Washington's Freshwater Plants 01-10-032June 2001
Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for Aquatic Plant Management -- Appendix B -- State Water Pollution Control Laws and Washington’s Administrative Codes Governing the Use of Aquatic Pesticides 00-10-042February 2001
Effectiveness of Forest Road and Timber Harvest Best Management Practices with Respect to Sediment-Related Water Quality Impacts 99-317May 1999
Focus Sheet: Permission Needed to Put Herbicides in the Water F-WQ-92-134January 1992
Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement - Fish Culture in Floating Net-Pens 12-06-019January 1990
Work Plan and Cost Estimate for a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement for Salmon Net-Pen Culture in WA State 12-06-018January 1987
Recommended Interim Guidelines for the Management of Salmon Net-Pen Culture in Puget Sound 87-05December 1986
Aquaculture Siting Study 86-10October 1986