Plastic Sales & Service
6870 Woodlawn Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115-5420

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·         In 2018 and 2019, baseline groundwater samples were taken before the injection of emulsified oil substrate.  Groundwater contamination was found in the most downgradient row of injection wells.

·         Hearthstone will install one additional shallow groundwater monitoring well and one deep groundwater monitoring well in June 2020.

·         Hearthstone will collect one round of groundwater samples from the existing well network in January 2020, and another round of groundwater samples in March 2020.

·         Ongoing compliance groundwater monitoring to monitor groundwater quality for constituents of potential concern at the standard point of compliance and performance monitoring to monitor natural attention and geochemical processes and PCE decay rates to assess the subsurface environment and redox conditions within the Shallow Zone and Deep Zone and assess effectiveness of the groundwater treatment program.

Thermal treatment
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·         Demolition of the Dry Cleaner Building to slab on grade for preparation of in situ treatment of soil located in the source area.

·         Removal of the two closed-in-place underground storage tanks that reportedly stored Stoddard solvent located directly north of the Dry Cleaner Building Property in the right-of-way of Woodlawn Avenue North East.

·         Removal of the heating oil underground storage tanks located on the Dry Cleaner Building Property.

·         In situ treatment of soil to a depth of 16 feet below ground surface with concentrations of PCE, designated as dangerous waste when generated, located at the Dry Cleaner Building Property in combination with segregation, excavation, and disposal of contaminated and clean soil and fill materials to meet state cleanup regulations (Model Toxics Control Act).

·         Installation of remediation well network and the injection of emulsified oil substrate to treat contaminated soil and groundwater located in the Shallow Zone and Deep Zone.

·         Implementation of Institutional Controls at property parcels for areas with residual soil with concentrations of PCE located below the practicable limits of excavation at the Site.


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The Site is located in at 6860, 6869, and 6870 Woodlawn Avenue Northeast, Seattle, Washington in the Greenlake neighborhood, and consists of approximately 1.04 acres.  The existing building, Plastic Sales Inc. conducted its operation, was replaced with a four story retirement building, similar to the four story building at 6860 Woodlawn Ave Northeast which was built in 2010.


In 1947, Sunshine Cleaners acquired property within the Site and constructed a dry cleaning facility.  The building (known as the Dry Cleaner Building Property) utilized steam heat fueled by a heating oil underground storage tank (UST).  The dry cleaning facility operated from 1948 to 1977.  Sunshine Cleaners used Stoddard solvent, which was stored in two USTs with capacities of 1,500 and 2,000 gallons.  The USTs were reportedly abandoned in-place in 1958, when Sunshine Cleaners began using tetrachloroethene (PCE) for dry cleaning operations.  Sunshine Cleaners reportedly stored PCE in an aboveground storage tank (AST) with a capacity of 200 gallons.


Plastic Sales and Service (PSS) began operating at the Dry Cleaner Building Property in 1978, as a plastic fabrication facility.  PSS stored, finished and transformed plastic stock materials into final products from 1978 until 2014. 


Hearthstone purchased the Dry Cleaner Building Property in June 2014.


In September 2009, Agreed Order No. DE 7084 was entered into by Ecology, The Hearthstone, PSS, Karkrie LLC, and Ruben and Patricia Rael.  Under the terms of the Agreed Order, the PLPs agreed to complete a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS).


In June 2016, Consent Decree was entered into by Ecology and The Hearthstone.  Under the terms of the Consent Decree, the Hearthstone agreed to implement cleanup actions described in the Cleanup Action Plan.


Release(s) and/or potential release(s) of hazardous substances occurred at the Site, including:

Tetrachloroethene (PCE)
Trichloroethene (TCE)
Vinyl chloride

​Hazardous substances have been and may continue to be released from the Site into the environment including soil, groundwater and air.


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