3216 Old Highway 99 S, Mount Vernon, WA 98273

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Skagit County applied for Remedial Action Grant from Washington State Department of Ecology. The Remedial Action Grant provide funding to local governments that investigate and clean up hazardous waste sites under the supervision of Ecology under an order or decree. Ecology (Remedial Action Grant Funding) and Skagit County will be jointly paying for the cleanup.

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Truck City Truck Stop (Site) is an 8-acre parcel located at 3216 Old Highway 99 South, Mount Vernon, Washington.
The Site was developed in 1952-1953 as a fueling facility for Standard Oil and operated as an independent entity since 1976. The current café and tire center were constructed prior to the Truck Stop at unknown dates.

The Site previously operated eleven underground storage tanks (USTs) for fuel and oil storage. The tanks were installed during property development and were located in four tanks. Three tanks and one fueling area was located east of the current truck scale and the fourth tank nest is the current tank area.

In 1987 surface spill of 200-300 gallons of diesel fuel occurred in the eastern tank area of the property.

In July 1992 a Consent Decree was signed between the former site owner and Ecology. The property owner contributed funding for the cleanup in the form of a loan with Ecology through the Mix Funding agreement for this site. (WAC 173-340-560) 

 In 1992 Ecology conducted an Interim cleanup action to remove six 5,000 gallon USTs, remove the associated piping and excavate the most contaminated soil in the western tank area.

In 2005 two spills occurred at the Site: a surface release of diesel fuel to nearby Maddox Creek; as well as a spill caused by a truck backing into a fuel pump.

In 2008 an unknown volume of diesel was spilled by an unattended fueling nozzle. The spill also spread to Maddox Creek travelling nearly five miles down the Lower Maddox Creek entering Skagit Bay. This spill went unreported until Ecology Spills Team traced the source back to the Site.

In November 9, 2012, Ecology and the former owner closed out the Consent Decree.


Soil and surface water historically have been impacted by several diesel & gasoline releases at this Site.


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Cleanup Site Details Report

Facility Site ID: # 2673

Skagit County

City of Mount Vernon

Cleanup Site ID: 5176

Mount Vernon, Skagit County

Status: No Further Action   Get definitions of Status terminology

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