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This is the Ecology webpage for the Time Oil Bulk Terminal Cleanup Site. Previously this page has referred specifically to the parcel located at 2737 W. Commodore Way in Seattle. However at this time Ecology is using this page as the main webpage referring to five parcels that are all associated with the former Time Oil Bulk Terminal Facility in Seattle. Please see Site History section below for a description of each of these properties.

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In July 2020 Ecology completed a public comment period for documents related to the cleanup process of four parcels associated with the former Time Oil Bulk Terminal Facility in Seattle. These are referred to here as The Property.

TOC Seattle Terminal 1 LLC purchased these four parcels (Property), and plans to clean up and redevelop them with Ecology oversight. A fifth parcel, also associated with the Time Oil Bulk Terminal Facility, is being leased at this time and was not part of the purchase (see Site Information section below). The name Time Oil Bulk Terminal also refers to the contaminated site (Site) located within and beyond the Property.  

Ecology hosted the public comment period from July 20 - August 18, 2020, and hosted an online public meeting on July 29, 2020. During public comment Ecology received 5 formal comments. Public review and comment was for the following documents:

1. Prospective Purchaser Consent Decree (PPCD):
A legal agreement that directs the purchaser to implement cleanup of the Property in accordance with the Cleanup Action Plan (see below). The PPCD also provides a settlement of liability to the purchaser for contaminant releases from the Property to Salmon Bay. It will pay a cash settlement of $1,500,000 ($300k at first; $1.2 million coming later) into the state’s Cleanup Settlement Account, and those funds must be used by the state to perform additional remedial actions in Salmon Bay or at the Site.
2. Final Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study Report (RI/FS):
A cleanup document that describes contamination at the Property, evaluates cleanup alternatives, and recommends a preferred alternative. 

3. Final Cleanup Action Plan:
A cleanup document that describes Ecology’s chosen cleanup plan and specifies cleanup standards and requirements for three of the parcels within the Property.

4. Final State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Checklist and Determination of Non-Significance (DNS):
An evaluation and determination that the proposed cleanup action at the Property is not likely to harm the environment.

5. Final Public Participation Plan:
A public outreach document that describes how Ecology will engage with the community and keep the public informed.

Ecology did not receive any comments during the 2020 comment period that warranted significant change to any of the documents. They were therefore finalized and the cleanup process is moving forward. 

Current Status

Design and permitting of the cleanup action is currently under way, and construction is expected to begin in Spring of 2021.

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The Property is generally located at 2737-2805 West Commodore Way in Seattle, along the industrial waterfront area of Salmon Bay on the Lake Washington Ship Canal. It is approximately 11 acres in size and consists of five parcels. Time Oil began bulk fuel operations at the Property in the early 1940s, primarily to support World War II efforts. The former Time Oil Bulk Terminal supported large quantities of fuel being stored and distributed during and after the war. In later years, portions of it were leased to other parties for industrial purposes.

The historical operations and uses resulted in releases of petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, wood preservative, and metals into soil and groundwater on the Property and the adjacent West Commodore Way right-of-way. Several interim cleanup actions were done between 1991 and 2017 to remove some contamination. A final cleanup action is proposed now to address the remaining contamination at the Property, including parts of the West Commodore right-of-way.

The name Time Oil Bulk Terminal also refers to the contaminated Site located within and beyond the Property.  The Site includes the Property and wherever a hazardous substance released from the Property has come to be located, including throughout the Property, in Salmon Bay Sediments, and releases of hazardous substances from the entire historical footprint of the former Time Oil operations.

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Portions of the Property, referred to as the Remedial Action Area, are subject to active remedial actions as part of the proposed cleanup action plan. These parcels are identified as the Bulk Terminal, ASKO, and East Waterfront parcels. The other parcel (West Waterfront parcel) is part of the Property to be purchased, but is not included in the Remedial Action Area.

An adjacent parcel is owned by BNSF Railway Company and is a continuing source of contamination within the Site. Ecology is currently negotiating a legal agreement with BNSF to investigate contamination and develop a cleanup action plan for that portion of the Site


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