Lora Lake Apartments
15001 Des Moines Memorial Dr, Burien, WA 98148


Cleanup to start in 2017:  Completion estimated for 2018.

Ecology finalized the Engineering Design Report (EDR) - a detailed plan and specifications for the proposed cleanup actions including:

  • excavating soil at Apartment parcel
  • restoring the Lora Lake wetlands
  • installing a specialized covering (cap) over the Dredged Material Containment Area to protect people and wildlife
  • To view the Engineering Design report:

  • File 01 –Table of Contents only for the Lora Lake Apartments Site Final Engineering Design Report (1.4MB)
  • File 02 – The Engineering Design Report through Appendix G (not including the extensive lab reports in Appendix C Attachment C.2 (32MB)
  • File 03 – The Engineering Design Report Appendices H through N. (28.5MB)
  • For a complete copy of the EDR including Appendix C Attachment C.2, contact the site manager.

    The Port is also obtaining the appropriate permits from the state, federal and local jurisdictions.  The US Army Corps of Engineers issued the permit to fill Lora Lake (per the Federal Cleanwater Act, Nationwide 38 Permit).

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    Monthly Progress Reports

    Notice of Intent, Construction Stormwater General Permit

    Agreed Order, Construction Stormwater General Permit

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    Spring 2017: 

    • Excavate and grade Lora Lake Apartment site. This area will be capped within  4 years when the site is developed
    • Pump water out of lake and fill lake. The lake will need to settle for year.
    • Complete filling the lake to appropriate elevation
    • Complete wetland restoration
    • Cap the Dredged Material containment area to protect people and wildlife.  (The DMCA will serve as the staging area for the Lake and Apartment site work.)
    Compliance Monitoring:
    • The Port and consultants will also prepare a Compliance Monitoring Plan to ensure that the cleanup methods are meeting the cleanup standards.


    The Port of Seattle (Port) will remove or contain contaminated soil and sediment starting in 2017. The cleanup will be done in three areas.
    Lora Lake Apartments Parcel
    The Port will remove highly contaminated soil for disposal, place a protective cap (such as pavement) over less contaminated areas. The cap will prevent wildlife and humans from coming in contact with the contaminated soil. A deed restriction (environmental covenant) will limit use of the site to commercial activities and ensure that future activities will protect the cap. Removal of highly contaminated soil will result in cleanup of groundwater.
    1982 Dredged Material Containment Area
    The Port will cover contaminated sediment deposited from a past dredging of Lora Lake with pavement or gravel. An environmental covenant will ensure that the cover is maintained. The Port will likely consolidate low-level contaminated soil (dioxins/furans less than 100 parts per trillion) from the Lora Lake Apartments Parcel into this restricted area of the Airport.
    Lora Lake Parcel

    The Port will address contaminated lake sediments and shallow soil along the western boundary of the parcel. 

    Lake Sediment: The lake will be filled with sand to prevent the contaminants from entering surface water. Woody wetland plants will be planted and integrated into the surrounding wetlands. An environmental covenant will ensure that the wetland will be maintained. The Cleanup Action Plan was revised to specify the type of wetland, minimum requirements of the sand cap and more detail on how the site will be monitored in the future.
    Shallow Soil: Based on public comments, Ecology is now requiring that the Port excavate a small area of contaminated shallow soil at the western boundary of the Lora Lake Parcel. Those areas have doxins/furans and lead concentrations slightly greater than that required to protect wildlife.

    1936. Future Site of Lora Lake Apartments (green dotted line) and Lora Lake (blue dotted line)
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    The 18-acre site is located at 15001 Des Moines Memorial Drive in Burien, Washington 98166. This site is on Port property at the former Lora Lake Apartments and nearby at Sea-Tac Airport.

    • Mid-1940s-Mid 1980s: A barrel-cleaning company followed by an auto-wrecking facility operated on site.
    • 1987: A 22-building apartment complex was built.
    • 1998: The Port acquired the property as part of a Sea-Tac runway protection zone. The portion of the site that was not required for the Runway Protection Zone is slated to be redeveloped.
    • 2007: The Port demolished six buildings. Environmental samples prior to demolition showed higher than expected levels of contaminants.
    • 2009: Ecology and the Port entered into an Agreed Order, under which the Port agreed to conduct a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) to understand the nature and extent of the contamination. The Port also demolished remaining above-ground structures and took measures — with Ecology oversight — not to disturb potentially contaminated soil.
    • 2013: The Agreed Order was amended to require the Port to prepare the Draft Cleanup Action Plan.

    1980. Burien Auto Wrecking (1950's - 1980's)
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    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed a new environmental justice (EJ) mapping and screening tool called EJSCREEN. It is based on nationally consistent data and an approach that combines environmental and demographic indicators in maps and reports. See below for information about demographics in the area of Lora Lake Apartments, Burien.

    EJSCREEN Census Block Map - This shows the Census Blocks used to generate the reports below.

    EJSCREEN ACS Summary Report Lora Lake Apartments – This shows the demographic information about the population of the area.

    EJScreen Report Lora Lake Apartments – This report shows the values for environmental and demographic indicators and EJSCREEN indexes. These percentiles provide perspective on how the selected block group or buffer area compares to the entire state, EPA region, or nation.
    You can also check What’s in My Neighborhood to find out about other cleanups in your area. 


    In the 1940s and 1950s, the site was used for cleaning barrels that had contained chemicals. From about mid-1950's to 1981, the site was used for auto wrecking. Former activities at the site released hazardous chemicals into the environment the soil, groundwater and sediment at the Lora Lake Apartments site. The contaminants include: 

    • polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
    • lead
    • petroleum products
    • arsenic
    • pentachlorophenol
    • dioxins/furans
    More information about these contaminants is available at the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry’s website.


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    Map showing site location as King County, WA SITE INFORMATION


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    Cleanup Site Details Report

    Facility Site ID: # 1880040

    Cleanup Site ID: 2008

    Burien, King County

    Status: Cleanup Started   Get definitions of Status terminology

    Sunny Becker
    Site Manager
    (425) 649-7187

    Document Repositories:

    Northwest Regional Office
    15700 Dayton Ave N
    Shoreline, 98133

    Burien Public Library
    400 SW 152nd Street
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